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5 Days Of Preparing For The Holidays

25+ members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew started getting prepared for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with a 5 days of Preparing for the Holidays Blog Hop, and we would love for YOU to come and join us for the fun!!

We are a family who loves arts and crafts, so when it comes to Holiday crafts of course we are always trying new projects. Today I am going to share some of the projects we have done over the years.

Last year for Thanksgiving we made these simple Turkeys using foam cups.

Here is the turkey before getting his eyes glued on. You can get directions on how to make them and see the other turkeys the kids made in my pervious post.
During Christmas we usually make at least 1 type of ornament for everyone to hang on the tree, but I also have open ended art projects for the kids to help make Christmas decorations to hang around the house! Gabe loved just coloring and painting his ornament last year!
The older kids enjoyed making some very beautifully decorated ornaments
The little boys also enjoy just cutting and gluing different items to a collage.

Now for some of the ornaments we have made through the years. One year we purchased clear plastic ornaments from Oriental Trading company and the kids painted the insides, let dry, put together, we used holiday ribon to hang them from our tree.

For our Christmas Party last year each of the kids got to made a couple different ornaments, the first one we made some oven baked dough, each of the kids rolled out their dough and used holiday cookie cutters to cut out their ornament
This is the tray they had to choose from to decorate their ornaments with before putting in the oven.

Here are the trays filled with the kids ornaments before going into the oven.

Once the ornaments were done baking the kids had the option to paint their ornaments or leave them plain, of course they all choose to paint them!

Here are the finished ornaments sitting to dry. One note of advice some of our ornaments were pretty thick and hanging them on the tree is almost like putting a rock on it lol, so make sure their cut outs are not to thick, unless you want them to weigh down your tree branches 🙂

The second ornaments we made at our Christmas Party Last Year were some Christmas wreath ornaments using rice, glue, and green food coloring.

The kids had red buttons, beads, and holly leaves to choose from to put around the wreath.

Here is a look at the mixture used to make them.

 The kids used popsicle sticks to push the rice mixture away from the center to make their wreathes.
Before letting them sit and dry they added their red beads, buttons and holly leaves.
Here are the finished products. We used a red ribbon and hung them on the tree!
One year we bought glass ornaments the kids squirted a couple drops of paint inside, cover and shake. Some added a second, third, or fourth color to theirs as well. Write last name and year on with a black permanent marker. I will have to say that using the glass ornaments taught me it is best to use plastic ornaments when you have little kids or pets that like to sleep in the tree, or you end up cleaning up lots of broken glass… But they did turn out so beautiful!!

What are some arts and crafts your family does for the Holidays? Share with us below by linking up your blog post!

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