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For the last 2 weeks we have been doing many fun dinosaur activities from our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. You can read about our first 2 weeks of our dinosaur unit here, you can also read my post with over 80 resources for your next dinosaur unit that I have been using some of the ideas to challenge Ethan a little more during our unit.

Next month our topic is It’s A Small World and we will be taking a trip around the world with Mother Goose Time, while we are looking forward to our new unit, I’m sure my boys will miss the dinosaur study they have thoroughly enjoyed it!! To read about what is all included in our Monthly Mother Goose Time curriculum you can read our review post.

Dinosaur Fun

We had fun doing dinosaur math problems using our link manipulatives.

Each month we focus on a few different sight words, and then practice them in the book. Ethan can read through them pretty good because he has quite a bit of reading experience. Gabe, however, doesn’t have that much experience with reading so this is great practice for him. Usually by the end of the month he will recognize all of the site words and be able to fluently read his book.
P1150935 P1150931P1150987

Mother Goose Time CurriculumP1150933

The kids made their own dinosaur egg and filled in their name, what they would eat, and their personalities. Their answers are night and day difference, I love that Gabe’s dinosaur would eat cake, live in his house, and that it is nice and happy!!


The boys enjoyed rolling the dice and graphing what their answers. We talked about graphs and when they could be useful.
Mother Goose Time Curriculum P1150977 P1150984

Both of the boys drew themselves as a dinosaur and then glued the frame onto their pictures.
P1150988 Mother Goose Time Curriculum

We used noodles to make dinosaurs. First we set them out matching them onto a pre-made picture then they were to make their own and glue the noodles into place.

Dinosaur Fun

Dinosaur Fun


Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Dinosaur Fun







Both of the boys loved making their own dinosaur feet! P1160002

P1160004 P1160007 Mother Goose Time Curriculum Dinosaur Fun

You can see the big smile on Ethan’s face, he really loved walking around with dinosaur feet!!Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Our Mother Goose Time Story for the month was Jurassic Jam,(affiliate link) it was a wonderful book about dinosaurs who put on a music show. The kids really enjoyed it!!

Jurassic Jam Mother Goose Time


Not only do we get the stories each month we also get a little theater script which the kids love acting out, as well as the story characters with a play mat which the boys will pull out many times through out the month to reenact the Mother Goose Time stories. You can now find all of the Mother Goose Time Stories for sale over on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Mother Goose Time Curriculum P1160047
P1160053 Mother Goose Time Curriculum Mother Goose Time Curriculum 

This was probably one of the most loved activities this month. They both made a dinosaur diorama, and even received a mini dinosaur to play with in the diorama.

P1160059Dinosaur Fun
Dinosaur Fun P1160062
Dinosaur Diorama
Dinosaur Diorama

Dinosaur Diorama

Not only did the boys love playing with them, within hours of them being made I found them inside the sensory bin playing dinosaurs with their diorama. Because what dinosaur sensory bin would be complete without a volcano  😉 !

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

One of our letters of the month was “V” so we used our links to make a letter “V.”V is for Volcano

We did a few other dinosaur activities this week, but Serena was in charge of teaching them since I was working a chapters for an upcoming book I am working on with the iHomeschool Network. So I didn’t have her take pictures.

This was probably one of our favorite units so far with Mother Goose Time curriculum both of the boys really enjoyed learning lots of fun things about dinosaurs!

For more great dinosaur ideas stop over and check out my dinosaur Pinterest board. 

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Dinosaur Theme on Pinterest.

I am linking up with THESE great link parties, stop over to find some other great ideas for kids.

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Ambassador I am provided with Mother Goose Time curriculum at no cost to me, in return I share our about using the curriculum. I have not been compensated in any other way nor was I required to write a positive review. All opinions are the opinions of my children or myself. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. Read my complete disclosure policy for more information.

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