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It has been a busy last few weeks around here which is why our preschool posts are quite late for the month. We have had multiple illnesses go through the house, Dustin has started a job across town, Ethan had multiple major medical tests that needed to be done, and plenty of other things that kept us quite busy.

Around The World Preschool Theme

During the last few weeks the kids have had a great time taking a trip around the world using our Mother Goose Time curriculum. The theme for the month is It’s A Small world. The first week we learned about different tools needed for travel, the second week was spent learning about different items found in different markets around the world.

Here is a look at just some of the fun we have had during our learning.

Travel Tools

One of our first topics in this unit was a suitcase, because you can’t travel without one. I really loved the amount of fine motor skills that were involved in this activity. The kids strung the yarn through the holes to make their own little suitcase.

P1160120 P1160123

Once they were done with that they decorated them.

The boys made their own world using a blue heart for the water, and they added green land to them.

P1160138P1160143 P1160141 P1160142



They used a big q-tip to trace the path from different forms of transportation.

P1160146 P1160148

These little people were one of our manipulative for the month. The boys had fun flying the people, letting them swim, and more fun ideas for them to get to the number cards.
P1160175 P1160177



This was a very fun activity the boys really enjoyed doing. We printed off pictures of friends and family to add into our cameras, the boys really thought it was great to add real pictures.

P1160179 P1160182



World Market

The second week we started on learning about different items that are found in a world market. We started with masks. Each of the boys decorated their own mask.

P1160272 P1160273

We made patterns with mask pattern cards.



The boys enjoyed making masks from the spinner using different shapes.

P1160279 P1160284


This month we really enjoyed the free printable coloring pages that are available from the Mother Goose Time website. They have both been really enjoying coloring and these are the perfect things to give to them to go along with our daily themes.

P1160291 P1160281

The boys really enjoyed making their own wallets and having their own fake money to have inside their wallets.
P1160294 P1160297

Travel bingo was a hit, and a great way to learn the names of some major places from around the world. We played using skittles which the boys were ecstatic about, since candy is something they rarely get  😉 !

P1160301 P1160304

P1160302 P1160303




The boys made paper lanterns one day using colored paper. They both made very different lanterns, Ethan decided to cut up yellow paper to pretend it was fire inside of his lantern.

P1160309 P1160310

P1160315 P1160319

The game for the month was Giving to the World. The kids learned about basic need that every person needs to survive.

P1160322 P1160323

The boys made carpets using cardboard and loom bands. Ethan wanted his to have more on it so we used yarn to continue to wrap it around and make a little carpet.

P1160325 P1160329

They decorated and put together drums.
P1160333 P1160336

Patterns using different instruments from around the world was a fun activity the boys both enjoyed. They always continue the pattern on well past the end of the pattern card.


Both of the boys did really good on reading the book for the month.
P1160372 P1160375








They enjoyed putting a cut out paper on top of what the sentence was about on each page.


Valentine’s Day Fun!!

With your Mother Goose Time Curriculum they send bonus days for any upcoming holidays. This months shape of the month was a heart and one of the months manipulative’s was foam hearts. P1160158P1160171

P1160164 P1160165

They also include a blank page so the kids can make their own patterns using the manipulative.P1160170

The boys really enjoyed making love bug hats.

P1160357 P1160360 P1160361 P1160363 P1160367 P1160370

We have had such a great time exploring different things from around the world. This week we are finishing up different landmarks from around the world, I will be sharing all of that fun in the next couple of days. Next month is space, everyone is looking forward to that topic!

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Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time blog ambassador I am sent the monthly shipments at no charge to me. In exchange I post about my children using the curriculum, we were not compensated in any other way. All opinions are those of my children or myself. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

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