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Here is a look at some of the fun stuff the little boys did last week. We are not fully into the school year yet, we are still enjoying outside quite a bit, while the weather is still warm. Our theme for this week is beach and ocean and we had lots of fun hands on learning ideas!!
Practical Life:
With this activity the kids can use the squeeze fish bubble blower and dip it into bubble solution and squeeze the bubbles out!!
Pouring popcorn kernels from one container to the other, along with a little crumb sweeper to help clean up any spills.
Tonging ice balls from one side of the container to the other side. I have already decided that this one needs to go up higher and the younger boys will have to ask for help to do it, because the ice balls keep disappearing and being used as throwing objects when i’m not looking…

This was a great activity for Ethan, he is behind in fine motor skills and as you can see he is holding it with both hands, which is good for him, since he has dexterity problems, and still doesn’t even use silverware while eating (yes very messy!!) Slowly after he masters that I will show him how to hold the tongs with 1 hand.


This activity the kids will separate the fabric flowers into colors using either the beginners chopsticks or the tweezers.  There are also holes in the center of the flowers and I will be changing the tweezers and chopsticks out and adding a lacing string so they can lace the flowers also. Since this picture, I have had to put this activity onto another tray, Ethan brought his tricycle in the house this week and smashed into the tray and it cracked right in half…
With this activity the kids will use either the spoons or the scooper and place the popcorn kernels from the main bowl, into the other bowls, the little broom available to clean up any spills.

Ethan has really enjoyed this activity and uses it almost daily!

We have been working on the Pink Tower and did the first presentation of all of the knobless cylinders.
Yes, Gabe is in his undies, we are working on potty training and he ran over and started playing with the tower before I got him dressed, couldn’t resist the picture he was doing so good!
We worked on the felt board with our 5 little speckled frogs felt set.
Introduced the Homemade Number Cards we finally finished (post in the works on how I made them)
This is a sequencing set I made with some stickers I had, control of error is each pattern is the same color.
Here Ethan will use scissors to cut along the black lines, I made them using stickers.
Science/ Nature:  
With how much fun everyone had with Ice Excavating, I put all the stuff they would need to do the activity on the shelves this week and always had a few ready to go in the freezer. Ethan did this activity a couple times this week, what boy doesn’t love pounding with tools.
Examinaning the Ocean creatures that were put on the science shelves, he has learned all the names now!


Here is a picture of what I have in the basket, the basket and white tray was a great find at Goodwill.
Sink/Float experiment
Ethan has really enjoyed the tadpole Serena got in the mail last week. The first day we had him he grew the back legs, if you look very carefully you can see them!
I also introduced the life cycle of frogs using this set
Gabe using dot markers, he has so much fun just twisting the top off and putting it back on!


What he looked like when I came back from refilling my cup of coffee lol…
This is a Melissa and Doug ocean themed fishing puzzle, the kids love, and used it quite a bit this week. You use the fishing rod that has a magnet at the end, to take out the ocean animals, and its great fine motor work!
Played with bubbles.
Ethan learned how to pump on the swings this week!
We made an obstacle course
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