Thank you for sharing!!

This year Ethan will be working on Early preschool through Kindergarten activities. He was supposed to be enrolled in Early Childhood Special Education preschool this year because he turned 3 and was no longer eligible for early on intervention, but we have decided we will just modify whatever we need to, and continue to homeschool him with the rest of the children, he will however continue to receive speech/occupational therapy from an outsider.
I am working on mostly Montessori ideas for him.  In June I started taking Karen Tyler’s course, and have learned so much from the class, and the manuals are an amazing resource, most of the my ideas for this age follow her manuals or the Gettman Manual. I also have learned so much  and will be getting ideas from all of the wonderful blogs and internet resources out there.  We will continue Sign Language and speech activities he has been using with the speech therapist (due to the Cleft Lip and Palate he was born with and the neurological problems, Ethan’s articulation is at a 19 month old level but vocabulary is at a 4 1/2 year old level so he has lots to say but people can rarely understand him).  We will also be working on sensory integration therapy.


Thank you for sharing!!


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