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Once the weather gets warm we stay busy, especially with all of the wonderful things going on around us! This past week has been no exception!

On Monday we had Ethan’s concert at school and a public works open house, Thursday Serena and Dustin got to spend the day with their great grandparents, and I had to run errands to go pick up CD’s from a few different places to bring to my doctors appointment Friday. Friday I had an appointment (the one that a 2 1/2 hours away) that almost always keeps us gone most of the day between 6 hours driving and the appointment. With our all of the things we had going on Thursday and Friday we took those days off from school, and with the holiday on Monday we get an extra long weekend, which everyone was ready for!  While most schools are getting ready for the end of the year we do school year round and the kids get more frequent breaks through out the year this year with all the obsticles life threw in our path it has been a blessing! Our school in the summer is not as full of a day as it is the rest of the year as well.We have also been able to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had this week, and spent lots of time outside.

Ethan’s concert was so adorable to hear 4 and 5 year olds singing melts your heart! Here is a picture of him after the concert standing under his teachers name on the risers! I was so proud of him, last year when me and him were involved in a group at the special education school for 0-3 he would put his hands over his ears and sometimes go and hide under everyones coats when they would sing, and for quite a few years we couldn’t even sing “happy birthday” to anyone in the house or he would have a huge meltdown. So to see him singing and being able to deal with all the noise with minimal problems just let me see how far he has come in the last year!
The city offers a public Works open house for everyone to come to, It is something that is wonderful for the kids to be able to be to visit!
They have steps leading up to the big vehicles so the little ones can go in and explore. They had many vehicles for the kids to be able to go into an explore bulldozers, police cars, snow plows, bucket trucks, and lots more. They even had a working traffic light set out for the kids to look at close up!
Of course they had a fire truck!
Seeing the front of the fire truck tipped up is very cool!
They had police cars for the kids to be able to get inside of, they were allowed to put the sirens on or whatever they wanted!
They had different stations set up in between the vehicles where the kids could get free coloring/activity books, comic books, stickers, hats, and candy!
They even had out the police bicycle and motorcycle out for the kids to see. Boy is the motorcycle siren loud!
The back of a utility vehicle.



This was Gabe and Ethan’s favorite truck to sit in, as you van tell by the big smiles, it’s the Street Sweeper!!



Walking around in the back of the bucket truck



Driving the snow plow!
Investigating signs.


 On top of all the fun the kids had while investigating the “mighty machines” as Ethan calls them, they also had free hot dogs, chips, pop/water, and popsicles for everyone! It was a wonderful way to spend the evening!



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  1. The Open House looks like so much fun-our town in Kansas did that twice a year but here in NC I have not found anything like it. My boys love any and all trucks so I wish they did!

    I’m a new follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. What a fabulous place for kids to explore! I wish we had an Open House like that here, ’cause what kid doesn’t love fire trucks and diggers 🙂 And sounds like your son’s concert was lovely ~ must be wonderful to see him progress like he is 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times x


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