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Pumpkin Learning Activities

So I figured it was time to get the rest of our Pumpkin Learning¬†activities posted so I can share all the fun Christmas stuff that has been added to the shelves for this month I know it’s a little late, but maybe someone can use them next year ūüôā
We started out our Pumpkin unit with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
Ethan carrying around the pumpkin he found.
The kids accessing the pumpkins to see what one would be the best one.
¬†Gabe was amazed at how many “Balls” as he called them, there were.

Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin

We talked and read about the pumpkin life cycle using 3 part cards I downloaded for free from Montessori For Everyone, and continued reading our Pumpkin book.
Pumpkin addition:  print and laminate, hole punch the little pumpkins. The kids find what they think the answer is and then they put their pencil in the punched hole they think is the right answer, flip it over, and if their pencil is in the whole that is colored then they got the answer correct. The download is a free one from
 These are some of the Pumpkin pages the kids did, all of these pages were part of the Pumpkin Starter Unit from Montessori Print Shop I purchased. I also printed off some of the pumpkin themed fun pages from Enchanted Learning
Pumpkin pounding has been a hit. All you need is a pumpkin, golf tees, and a toy hammer. The pumpkins last about 4-5 days after being being used before they need to be dumped. We got a bunch of pumpkins when we visited the Pumpkin Patch earlier, so we had plenty to change them out as needed.
Very good fine motor work!
Here is the bowl of golf tees I set out with the Pumpkin to be used.
 The kids measured their pumpkins and then decided how they were going to decorate them.
Ethan was amazed as to what he found inside his pumpkin.
The kids cleaned them out
Ethan needed help to finish but he had a lot of fun seeing what was in the pumpkin, and playing with pumpkin guck.
I try to leave a free form art project on the shelves every month that all the kids can come and decorate if they want to. Last month we used Pumpkins which were found at Kids Soup.
These are the trays of Fall collage materials the kids had to choose from. In the first container we have Fall colored Pom Poms, Jewels, Glow in the dark fall colored beads, fall colored pony beads, some red decorative stones, and lastly we have fall colored buttons.

In the second one, I have glitter glue, fall colored fabric squares, fall colored feathers, and Googly Eyes, the bowl in the middle had red, green, and yellow crepe paper that someone was using.

Here are a couple of the creations the little boys made.

To see more of our pumpkin learning ideas or Halloween ideas for kids, stop over and check out our Halloween learning ideas page.

Thank you for sharing!!



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