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**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Peet’s Coffee**
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a coffee drinker, since eating healthier I have drastically cut my coffee intake to a cup or 2 in the morning which is a big improvement over coffee in hand all day. So when asked to help Peet’s Coffee share about their new Social Sampling Experiment I was glad to help!

Peet’s Coffee has been working for 5 long years to perfect the single serve coffee, they now have them available to purchase! In celebration of this achievement they are hosting the Internet’s First Social Sampling Experiment, where they will be making stops across the US to share their new Peet’s Coffee single serve Coffee with people. Make sure you head over to the link below to cast your vote, maybe they will stop in your town next!

Check out Peet’s Give a Cup social sampling experiment! Each week, you can vote whether you “give a cup” about a new topic. Your vote helps to determine where Peet’s hands out their new Single Cups. So do you #GiveACup?

What Do I Give A Cup About?
Something that has been very important to us lately is buying local organic produce. So I am going to share with you the benefits of buying local organic produce today.
Now not all local produce can be treated as “safe” since even some local farmers use Monsanto’s Round Up product to treat their fields, feed their animals GMO grains, use antibiotics and growth hormones, and others use nitrate fertilizers that release high numbers of pollution in the air. All of these are not ways that God wanted us to live on this earth with, and in turn do things we do not want to our bodies and health.

What I do to make sure we are eating all natural produce, is research each of the farmers that are at our local farmers markets and figure out what ones use natural processes which includes all natural chemicals and practices that were done many years ago for good reasons. I don’t only use organic certified farmers but there are farmers that don’t want to jump through the hoops of organic certification but also ones that use organic practices. I make sure that those are the farmers we purchase from even if it means we don’t get as big of a selection of produce for the week. We also pick our own fruit when possible which dramatically cuts the cost of our produce, and with 6 kids we can get lots picked in a short amount of time.

Some of the effect from purchasing from local organic farmers is:
    • Obviously the biggest affect is to to your local economy when your money is not given to big companies and stays local!
    • Better nutritional value because the food does not have to go through processing which often brings down the nutritious value.
    • You are not getting the added herbicides, pesticides that have shown to cause some very bad diseases and health conditions many of which we are seeing skyrocket.
    • You are getting some of the freshest products you can get since often they were picked within the last couple days. This also means you are not getting the preservatives usually put onto most produce because they are not being shipped from far away!
    • Better tasting food is just a given the produce is so much better tasting! My husband said to me when I made a couple heads of broccoli from a local farmer for dinner one night, what in the world do they do to the broccoli in the store that makes them look and taste so different… It’s the preservatives and chemicals makes a HUGE difference you don’t realize till you taste the fresh…

Try purchasing local produce for a week, the price is usually the same as store purchased produce. Once you taste the difference and see how much better you feel you might not ever go back…

What do you “Give A Cup About?”
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Thank you for sharing!!


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