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The kids had tons of fun using our Green Goo sensory bin for the last few weeks, I decided to make another fun St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin for the kids when I was dying rice for Ethan’s shamrock. We dyed rice the colors of the rainbow for his shamrock, and also learned the colors of the rainbow.
Whats Inside The Rainbow Sensory Bin?
  • Rainbow colored rice
  • Lucky Green coins.
  • A cute little chest I picked up at the thrift store a while back for $.10, this was one of the favorite things to play with in the bin.
  • Our black pots that are used for Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.
  • One little and one big scoop, and a little glass bowl.
  • 4 shamrock necklaces, they came in 2 packs at Dollar General.
The garland and the necklaces ended up on the floor within minutes, because they got in the way of scooping the rice 🙂
Here is the bin before the kids dug into play in it! It is so bright and colorful!

The boys have had so much fun with our Rainbow Sensory bin, they have spent many hours playing in it, and practiced many skills using it!

Scooping rice and filling the buckets with different colors of the rice.

Counting the green coins as we added then to our black cauldrons.

Eventually the colors got all mixed together and they just enjoyed scooping the rainbow rice and filling the cauldrons, the treasure box, and little glass bowl.

We even got a chance to work on taking turns, and set a timer to share the big scoop, because of course they both wanted to use it.
Our sensory bin has labels that help with science and math. Ethan realized that they were there for the first time, so we had fun taking measurements of the rice.
We buried the green coins and timed ourselves to see how fast we could find them.

The boys pretended they were pirates and hid the coins in all the containers and then buried them in the rice and had fun digging them out.

For keeping it real purposes, the kids did get rice all over the floor, they helped clean it up with the vacuum. There were a few times they had to be reminded to settle down with the rice or they were going to be done as well.

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  1. Thanks for showing the mess on the floor at the end – that sure does keep it real! We had messes like that around our house all weekend with lots of sensory playing fun! Thanks for linking up with Artsy Play Wednesday – I’ve pinned this activity for you 🙂


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