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Our topic this month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we have been working on, is a Rainforest preschool theme. The kids have really enjoyed learning about different topics in the Rainforest. They have learned about different animals found in the rainforest, the layers in the jungle, made rainforest snacks, done rainforest science experiments, and many other fun topics and ideas, all rainforest related. If you missed it, last months theme was Weather All Around Us.

Rainforest Preschool Theme

Here’s a look at November’s calendar on our wall.  Each day after we add the number to the calendar for the day, I have Gabe count up as high as he can. Right now he can get to 50 without very little help from me.

We have also been practicing the days of the week and months of the year, and after 2 months he knows them all. Next we will be practicing to learn them in Spanish. It’s really quite amazing how many things children can learn just from a simple morning calendar time!!


The counters provided to us this month were monkeys. Both of the boys have enjoyed using these this month! We have counted with them, played hide the monkeys around the house, and many other fun ideas.
P1140827 P1140828

This month we were sent a very nice set of tangram shapes, Gabe loved using these to make the designs, and also enjoyed making his own things out of them.


Both of the boys made a rainforest collage.

P1140802 P1140800

Our snack idea this month was a rainforest layer parfait while we were learning about the different layers of the jungle.

Rainforest Layer Parfait

We did some Jungle Matching and named the different animals we found matches of. I love that Mother Goose Time uses real animal images on the matching cards and not cartoon animals.

CAM01783 CAM01779

We both counted up our matches.


The boys made the “j” into a jaguar.CAM01775

We practiced patterns one day using animals found inside the rainforest.


Frog Painting

Making frog paintings was a lot of fun, and pretty messy. The frogs sure get slippery once they are covered in paint lol.P1150045 P1150044

What a great action shot of just how slippery the frogs in paint were. The kids loved painting with them thoughP1150042 P1150041

We did some frog math practice on the day we learned about the dart frog. Not only did we get some practice with the frogs and number cards, the kids also cut them out which is great fine motor practice.

Ethan figured out that he could fit a lot more frogs on the “log” if he stacked them on each other  πŸ™‚ !





Even putting the frogs and numbers back into the envelope was great fine motor practice. The boys loved having their own envelope with their frogs and numbers, they have used them many other times through out the month. This has prompted Gabe to start writing math problems on paper and to use the frogs to figure them out.


We used snake dominos to make matches.


The kids worked on making the parrot craft during our 2nd week of the curriculum. The options were to use glue or tape to attach everything. Gabe has had a fascination with using tape lately and was very happy to use tape to put his parrot together. He used just a little more then he needed to  πŸ˜‰  but at least it will stay together.


Ethan did not want to hold his parrot for a picture, so we hung in on the wall and took a picture.




The day we added monkeys to our journal page, the boys were having difficulties drawing a monkey. I went and found a step by step tutorial on how to draw a monkey and they were able to draw their own.

Of course what study about monkeys would be complete without making monkey masks.

CAM01794CAM01807 CAM01803 CAM01799

We have really enjoyed working through our rainforest unit in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. The boys have learned so much about the rainforest and had lots of fun!

Want to see how we organize our Mother Goose Time curriculum for the month? Stop over and read my post with a step by step look into our organization. 

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador I will be writing about our experience using Mother Goose Time Curriculum for the school year, as well as different topics. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. Read my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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