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Our topic of the month for our Mother Goose Time ambassadors is reusing old materials. There are many different ways we reuse all of the wonderful materials that come each month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum.

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Each months shipment comes with manipulative’s that are an amazing quality. We keep all of them in our curriculum box that we have for all of the kids curriculum. Within the next couple months we will have to get a basket to store them all in. We will have a wealth of manipulative’s to use for many years.

One of this months manipulative were links. We already had some links because they are so much fun for hands on learning, so now we have more to add to our stash. Our links are used on a regular basis for making patterns, measuring, making traps right outside the bathroom door lol.


Decembers manipulative’s were counting bears and wooden cubes. They even come in their own sturdy plastic bags to store them in.
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Reusing Preschool Curriculum Materials

With some of the things we use through out the month, we will use them in multiple ways. Let me show you a few examples.

After Gabe arranged his tangram shapes on the page, he would glue them on and we hung them up for the month.

Wind Preschool Theme

We keep our monthly flags and when we add our new monthly flag we go over all of the past flags and find them on our map.P1140581

These frogs and counters we used very often and are still used. They boys love having their own envelope of counters.P1150019

The Mother Goose Time stories are added to our homeschool library and read on and off. The story manipulative’s are reused quite a bit through out the month as we reread the story and the kids reenact it. They have so much fun using the characters to reenact the stories. When they are not being used they are stored in a plastic ziplock bag so they can continuously be used with the stories.Jack and the Beanstalk story props

Often times the kids will find some use for the creations we make. For our dinosaur unit Ethan took the stegosaurus math activity taped on the spikes and added it to his T-Rex hat and had a hat so he could be multiple dinosaurs ūüėČ . Gabe took his stegosaurus put it onto a craft stick, he will often get it out with the brontosaurus and tree puppet and play with them.P1150897

For pattern cards we will extend the pattern to make it more of a challenge for both of the boys. After they are no longer asking to use them we will glue them on a paper to make a dinosaur collage.


As I explained in our organizing our Preschool Curriculum post, the monthly name writing practice’s are stored in one of my folders along with other different materials used throughout the month. I will take all of those and periodically look at the difference in handwriting over the months. At the end of the year they will be stored in each child’s portfolio box. During the year they are stored inside our homeschool storage.

How We Organize Our Mother Goose Time curriculum

Along with the handwriting practice sheets I also select other work to store in each of the child’s portfolio. Each child has a banker box for each year and we put a mix of work inside of them depending on age. For the kids using Mother Goose Time Curriculum this year we will be storing the following items in their portfolios.

  • Monthly Handwriting Practice Sheets
  • Monthly My Little Journal
  • Their Scrapbook For The Year
  • Different work throughout each month that they worked very hard on or activities they have really enjoyed.


Do you keep a portfolio for your kids? What items do you save in them? Leave a comment letting me know, I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador we receive the Mother Goose Time curriculum monthly and we share about our experiences using the program in our home. We are not required to write a positive experience and we we not compensated in any other way. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations, see my FULL DISCLOSURE for more information. This post may contain affiliate links, we receive a small referral fee at no extra charge to you when you purchase through our link. We appreciate your support, it helps pay for the costs to run this blog. THANK YOU!!

Thank you for sharing!!


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