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Box Of Ideas is made to get kids off the computer and around the table, can be used as a supplement to your current curriculum, homeschool group activity, or as just a break from your normal schedule! It is ideal for teachers teaching multi level students, focusing on ages 9-16.

Box of IDEAS, is easily portable so busy parents can bring it with them while out for for learning activities on the go. Each box provides 10+ activities and exercises along with 10+ portfolio pieces for recording the students journey, each activity, exercise, and portfolio piece is designed around the topic being explored. Box Of IDEAS also contains many additional materials for digging deeper into a subject.

We were provided with the physical product for World War II: Pearl Harbor and have been working on it 2 days a week to replace and help expand on our US History we are learning about this year. The kit is an in depth look into the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as well as the events surrounding the United States entry into World War II. It exposes children to the detailed events in history but also the big picture of the events.

Each of the topics comes in it’s own zipper bag, on the front of the zipper bag is a label that contains the name of the study, the contents of the zipper bag, supplies needed, a quote (to use for discussion and/or copy work) who said the quote and when. Inside each bag you are provided with everything you need to teach a complete study on the topic and even provides extensions for any child that wants to dig deeper into the subject. Inside each of the zipper bags includes a page that tells you information about that event to discuss with your children they also include, games, pictures, letters, extension ideas, and so much more. Pearl Harbor contains 10 bags the bags are as follows:
  • Before Becoming A Base- learn about the Hawaiian Islands including the animals, people, and plant life before the attack, play a game about endangered animals from Hawaii.
  • Beginning of a Naval Presence- learn about the whaling coal and exploration, play a whaling and exploring game, use a Bathymetry map to answer questions for your portfolio.
  • A Week Before The Attack- learn about the different branches of the military, what convoys are, write an essay about the G.I. Speak and acronyms used by different branches of the military, play a Power In The Pacific game to learn about the different branches in the military and what they each do.
  • Day Of Infamy- learn about the ignored warnings of the attacks, the minute by minute details of the attack, the infamy speech and the edited version, play a game about the details of the morning of the attacks, and answer questions about the details of the attacks for your portfolio.
  • Day After The Attack- learn how important newspapers were to people after the attack, play a game using newspaper articles from the day after the attack, see real photos taken from Pear Harbor, use newspaper articles from the day after the attack and find facts and opinions in the articles for the portfolio.
  • Weeks After The Attack- learn about some of the submarines that were sunk during the war and what ever became of them, play a game matching battleships and descriptions, number the events of raising the USS Oklahoma and add it to your portfolio.
  • Six Months After The Attack- learn about how the navy worked to crack the JN-25 code and the odds against them to find the answer, draw military planes to make the most ships (watch out for bombs) use code breaker as a portfolio piece after deciphering the code.
  • A Year After The Attack- learn about the increase in demand of airplanes following Pearl Harbor, play a game about v- formation, build a WWII airplane model, and answer questions about the different maneuvers used by pilots to help win the war.
  • Victory Over Japan- learn about the events that lead to the surrender of the Japanese, play a game learning the details of the surrender, complete a paper using facts about the day of surrender.
  • Decades After the Attack- learn about memorials in memory of the attack and war and play a game of memorials around the world, write an essay about how things have changed.
This is a close up of 1 of the bags. As you can see the label on the front of the bag clearly marked.

Below is what is contained in 1 of the zipper bags, it has directions, complete details about the event including extension activities and links to further explore the topic, a letter signed and enough information for a complete study each part of this event in history!

Below is a picture of the signatures on the Articles Of Surrender.

This is the game contained in the zipper bag. It contains the game board, below the game board in the picture there are real pearl harbor picture cards along with a description, and on the game boards are the blue cards that contain the facts of the surrender of Japan. This is just one example of 1 of the many fun and great games that are used in Box Of IDEAS!

What Did We Think Of Box Of Ideas: Pearl Harbor? 
I have to admit we loved box of IDEAS!  I work hard when planning my own unit studies try to incorporate all my children’s different learning styles into our studies, I also do a very thorough job at making sure the whole topic is taught and understood, and try to integrate the topic into as many other subjects as possible. Box Of Ideas amazed me with how complete the study was, there were many ideas provided so kids with all different learning styles could enjoy the unit as well the kit contained games, questions, information, pictures, links, portfolio pieces, letters and so much more! I really felt they covered every aspect of the event in a way that is very similar to what I would put together after hours of work putting together our topics!

The fact that everything is already done for the teacher except teaching the lesson is wonderful and so easy, and takes so much time planning out of my job!  It teaches the kids using hands on activities and games instead of just reading about a particular subject, which is how most of my kids learn best, and made history which is not a fun subject for some of my kids enjoyable and exciting.

One thing I was very pleased with the fact that Box Of IDEAS didn’t just cover the attack on Pear Harbor, it teaches kids the whole history of the attack. My children didn’t just learn about the attack of Pearl Harbor, but they even learned about the Hawaiian Islands before the attacks, the different divisions in the military, starting with the reasons for entering the war, continuing on with the attacks, and then life after the attacks. It gave my children such a complete understanding of this important event in history and didn’t just teach them about the day of the event. The box is recommended for ages 9-16, but Anthony(8) also did all the activities with us and with a little extra help was able to enjoy the lessons as well.

I would recommend Box Of Ideas to any parents looking for a hands on study for their children or anyone looking for a very complete study of a particular topic, parents looking to teach their child using a complete study even if a child wishes to explore the topic more in depth. I will be using Box Of Ideas in the future with my children again, the convince and with how complete and hands on the kit is has me sold, one less thing we have to worry about planning for homeschool is always blessing.

Cost For Box Of Ideas: Pearl Harbor:
$79.99 For the complete box.
$49.00 For the PDF Download

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Disclosure: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was provided with a copy of Box Of Ideas: Pearl Harbor for reviewing purposes at no cost to me. All opinions are the honest opinions of those of mine or my children’s.

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