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Today I am going to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite products that I have been able to review for the TOS Crew this year! This is a program like none other that gives you and your family an in depth look into the work and rewards that come from being a missionary family in another country!

One of my dreams someday is to bring my family on a missionary trip somewhere around the world, I feel that so many children and people alike don’t realize the luxuries we have available to us in this country that so many others would dream of having! Growing Up wild has give us the next best thing to going on an actual missionary trip, and has given my children an in depth look into the lives of missionaries and what it is really like to live in another country. Growing Up Wild has given us the next best thing to actually going on that missionary trip!

Growing up Wild is a DVD series that has a total of 5 volumes. Each of the volumes has 3 episodes on it that are 15 minutes long that focuses on a different aspect of being a missionary in a remote jungle. To help enhance and expand your learning journey, they have provided a separate CD that contains an activity guide with many different ideas.

This is the Wild family, they are missionaries that minister to the Wanno People in the remote jungles of Papua, Indonesia. There is Mike and Elizabeth the parents, and Asher, Kion, Morgan, and Hudson the Wild brothers. Because the Wanno people were an unreached tribe their language was unknown, the Wild’s have worked to write the language down and help present the message from the Gospel to the Wanno people.

Each of the 5 volumes in the Growing Up Wild series highlights a different aspect of this families living in a remote jungle in Papua, Indonesia. You will be taken on real adventures learning all the work entailed in simple daily tasks we take for granted.

We were given Growing Up Wild Volume 1, and Volume 4 to try in our home. I will explain each of the volumes separately.

Growing Up Wild ~ Volume 1

Home Sweet Hut
In this episode The Wild Brothers take us through what it took to build their Wanno House, they also show us how their house differs from other village houses and show you some of the creatures found at night in their Wanno house, and the boys favorite the Wild Brothers Lego Loft.

Supply Trip:
Being a family of 8 I know that shopping a month at a time means, I couldn’t imagine having to do that and have to bring all the supplies through 2 plane trips before bringing it home. The Wild Brothers bring you into their world of supplies and show you what goes into bring supplies into a remote jungle village where they live for months at a time, using a small bush air plane.

Sun & Water:
Because the Wild Brothers live in a remote jungle far from civilization daily luxuries are not as easy to get, in this episode the Wild Brothers bring us on a journey to show us to the top of a mountain to the stream that produces their water, and the station that pumps it into their house, they also show their power station and how they use the power of the sun to have electricity!

Growing Up Wild ~ Volume 4:

Amazing World Around Us:
Because the Wild Brothers live in a remote jungle they have come across some amazing and beautiful creatures. The Wild Brothers share some of the creatures found around them and also their house hold pets which are not pets you would find in most houses!!

Adventures In Culture:
Prepare to be fascinated at this in depth look into a culture most people are never given the opportunity to experience. The culture of the Wanno people share their beliefs, they share how they survive in the jungle,  they even share why they have piercings and then watch as the Wild Brothers get their nose pierced by a Wanno.

Tribal Calling:
Did you ever wonder if you were being called to minister in a remote jungle? In this episode the Wild brothers share how they knew that God was calling them to minister to a remote jungle, why they left their home in the United States to start a life in the remote jungle with the Wanno people.

The Supplemental CD that is included with each volume has different ideas for you to try with your kids after the video, this is good for enhancing, and expanding the lessons beyond the video. Some of the activities that you can do using the supplemental CD are Making a Wanno house, filling in a Ven Diagram about the differences and similarities between the Wanno people and yourself, researching more about a particular subject, and so much more!

What Did We Think Of The Wild Brothers?
All I can say is that we LOVED these DVD’s! I have never seen or heard of any type of missionary resources like this before, so these DVD’s have been such a blessing to a family trying to teach their children about the differences, work, and sacrifices that is really all involved in missionary work!

I was so pleased with the in depth look at the culture the video’s taught, the children were able to dig into the lives of the Wanno people getting to see how this tribe lives. My children were able to see how their lives are different then those of most my children and were given an in depth look into the lives of the Wild’s, that most will never get the chance to experience. To make it even better the kids were so interested in watching the DVD’s to see what they would learn about next! I also enjoyed the supplimental materials that was provided on the additional CD, it gave us different activities to do so that the boys really got into the video without having to do extra research.

In the first video titled ‘Home Sweet Hut’ the kids were taken on an adventure to see what was entailed in making the Wild’s hut, and also bring you on a tour of their house to see how their lives are different living in the jungle. The kids loved seeing that they use many daily items similar to things we use like bunk beds, and lego’s in their ‘lego loft,’ they even showed the creepy crawlers that sneak into their house at night… Following the video the kids did one of the activities from the supplemental CD, and worked to build their own Wanno House!

This project was one that the kids really enjoyed doing and probably one of Dustin’s favorites!! Dustin spent almost an entire day planning and making his Wanno house and all the furniture he was going to make to put into it! He chose to use popsicle sticks and hot glue primarily to put his house together.

Here is one of the beds he made for his house.

And his finished house, well the door wasn’t added yet, be used nails to make holes on the side and used a twisty tie to hold the door on so it could really open and shut. The amount of thought he put into his Hut was just amazing, and really showed the impact that the Wild Brothers  had on him.


This is Ethan’s (4) Wanno House, he decided to make one out of Popsicle sticks and cotton balls like his big brother. He used an entire bottle of glue for this beautiful creation 🙂

Anthony decided to make his out of sticks.

Through out the rest of the videos your children will be taken on an adventure and learn so many fun and amazing things by following the Wild Brothers. There are trips to the grocery store using a plane, the different pets and creatures found living in their house, animals that are found in the jungle, and bringing the word to the Wanno People. They learned about the culture and the Wanno people, and were amazed to watch the Wild Brothers get their nose pierced!

The kids also enjoyed researched alternative energy sources, after watching the episode titled “sun and water” where the Wild Brothers brought the kids on a trip up a mountain where their water starts from, all the way down to the pumping station outside their house. The kids were also able to see how the Wild’s were able to have a “power station” despite being no where around a power plant all by harvesting  the sun’s energy.

Overall Growing Up Wild has been an amazing resource for my children learning about Missionary life, and has made a huge impact on them! I am planning on purchasing the rest of the DVD’s to add to our library because of how much it was enjoyed by the kids and myself!!

Head over to the Growing Up Wild website where you can watch a couple sample videos about The Wild Brothers, and also meet The Wild’s!

What Is The Cost?
$18.99 + Shipping & Tax for any of the 5 volumes individually. This includes both the DVD’s but it also includes the CD’s with the activity guides.

$80.99 + Shipping & Tax for the complete set of all 5 DVD’s and all 5 activity guide CD’s (15% Savings)

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Disclosure: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with a copy of The Wild Brothers Volume 1 & 4, at no cost to me in exchange for our honest review of the product. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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