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KinderBach is a fun and hands on way to teach young children ages 3-7 all about music including how to play the piano, which can then be used to learn how to play any instrument. KinderBach is a complete music curriculum that is aligned with the MENC National Standards for Pre-K. Each concept taught in KinderBach is used in different lessons using many different teaching approaches, KinderBach uses listening to information, visual illustration, hands on, and even a combination of the methods, so that every child picks up the concepts being taught.

KidnerBach is set up so that each week starts with an introduction of what materials will be needed for the week. Each week has 4 lessons that are very short videos that range from 1 1/2 – 5 minutes, just long enough to teach the concept and have fun, because they understand little ones don’t have long attention spans. Upon starting KinderBach you will choose a week and then pick lesson 1-4 for that week, there are 6 levels each of the levels containing 10 weeks of lessons, which makes for a total of 60 weeks of music instruction for children.

Each lesson is taught by Karri and Frysco, Frysco and his friends teach your children how to play music. The friends your child will meet through the lessons live in a neighborhood and homes on the Piano Keyboard,  Miss Diddle, Bruno, The Beat Bug Brigade and the Football fingers are the fun characters also used to teach your children with their fun and entertaining personalities. The activities that are done during the lessons are hands on pages which include movement activities, keeping a beat with rythum instruments, doing crafts, coloring pages, playing fun games, making puppets, and so much more all in PDF format!

Using KinderBach you child will learn so many advanced concepts that are taught in a very simple, fun and easy to understand environment. Children are taught music vocabulary teaching them the names of notes using fun tricks that make them easy to remember, they also learn how to keep rhythm using rhythm instruments, read musical notes using the fun characters in Piano Land, listening skills and ear training using fun games and activities that keep the children interested and wanting more, physical technique, ‘do, re, mi’ singing, music composition taught in fun and engaging ways that children easily pick up, and so much more, all while teaching your child the joy of music!

This is one of the fun games the kids will play to help remember the layout of the keyboard.
This is how they start to teach the kids at the beginning of learning new music notes. On the picture on the left it shows Frysco after they learn the notes with him as “walks” they then show the kids what the notes look like and walk the notes.

How Did We Use KinderBach In Our House?
I orginally planned on having Ethan do this program alone, but after starting the program Gabriel started picking up the concepts and really enjoying the program, so I ended up using the program for both Ethan (4) and Gabriel (2 1/2). We used the program Monday-Thursday and we were able to complete the whole weeks lessons in that time, we also had illnesses come up during the review period and had a couple weeks where we ended up doing a lesson on Friday or the weekend. Some days the boys were so interested in the lessons they would watch many videos in one class or watch the same video over and over. We were able to get through week 6 with Gabriel and through week 10 with Ethan only because he chooses not to watch just one lesson during his learning time and some days would do the whole week during the day!

When Ethan would work on his lessons Gabe was always close by, as you can see the keyboard has 3 keys missing because of the issues in the past with Ethan misusing the keyboards.

What Did We Think Of KinderBach?
Both of the boys really enjoyed using KinderBach and have learned so many new concepts using it, I can’t imagine what new things they will learn as they continue to work their way through the program!

Each of the lessons are taught in a very easy to understand way for little ones that is so engaging and fun using the adorable KinderBach characters, that children just love it! They make hard to inderstand concepts very easy to understand, for example they refer to the musical notes as ‘walk’ and also teach the actual names of the notes, so your child is understanding what the name is and also what each of the notes means. One thing that I found really nice is that they give you 2 different options for printing off the worksheets you can print each work page inside of each lesson or you can choose to print the whole lessons workbook. They also review previously taught concepts so your child doesn’t forget any of the important concepts.
I am going to explain each of the boys separately since they both used the program in different ways and are in different age groups.

GABRIEL (2 1/2)
I did not originally plan on using KinderBach with Gabriel because he is a little young, but after I seen how much he was loving watching the videos and following along with the activities with Ethan I decided to start it with him as well. Gabriel was in love with “Dodey” the Donkey, and all I had to do was ask him if he wanted to watch “Dodey” and he would start jumping up and down say “yea mommy” he would also take his work page he did/used during the lessons and would go around the house showing everyone. The length of the lessons are right on target for this age each of the short lessons is just enough to teach the younger kids without loosing their interest. He was able to really work on following directions while doing the lessons, I did need to be with him and help him remember to listen and follow the directions and help him complete his work pages, which I would expect for someone his age. Gabriel surprised me when he was able to pick up on all the concepts being taught, he was able to use instruments to follow along with songs, learn notes on the keyboard, answer  the questions being asked during the lessons, follow along with only a little help from me.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical before I started using this program, because we have had so many problems with Ethan abusing the Keyboard, all those doubts were gone quickly after watching the first week of the program. I am absolutely in love with this program, the way they teach preschool age children works, and it works without children complaining and whining because they have to do their lessons. The program did not just have the kids watch videos, but got the kids into the lessons, the children were able to enjoy movement activities that got them up and moving but also was teaching them listening skills at the same time because they had to listen carefully to follow along.

Ethan enjoyed the program and was able to get quite a ways through it, because of his excitement about the his lessons and how much fun he would have while doing the lessons there were days he was having so much fun he would watch the entire weeks lessons in 1 day. I have watched him learn how to keep a rhythm using rhythm instruments, learn how to properly label the keyboard, I have also been very happy with the fact that this program has taught Ethan how to properly use the Keyboard, in the past we have had problems with teaching him how to gently use the keyboard because of his sensory issues which has lead to him breaking a few keys off the keyboard and had to keep it away from him.

KinderBach is a great way to teach young children how to play instruments, read music notes, and other important music concepts. I would recommend KinderBach to all parents and teachers looking to teach music concepts to children ages 3-7, or parents who have wanted to teach their young children music concepts and just don’t know how. KinderBach is one investment you will be glad you made, your child will be actively involved in the activities as early as the first week! Stop over and try the first 2 weeks FREE to see if KinderBach would be a good fit for your family, it is one program I will be continuing to use regularly for my kids!

Cost of KinderBach:
KinderBack offers a few different options to fit all budgets:

NOTE: They offer FREE access to the first 2 weeks of the program so parents can see if the KinderBach program would be a good fit for your family!

  1. Day Pass $5.95: Access to the program for a day to see if you will like it.
  2. Yearly Membership to KinderBach Online $95.88: Access to KinderBach for 1 year
  3. Monthly Membesdhip to KinderBach Online $19.99: Pay per month
  4. DVD’s $55.95: Same as online program but on DVD
  5. I-Pad App $26.99 Access to Levels 1-3 programing for an entire year!

30% DISCOUNT CODE: KinderBach has provided a 30% discount on any order- homeschool, classroom, online, or DVD for my viewers. Enter code TOS_crew2012 good through 12/31/2012!

Stop over and see what fellow crew members had to say about KinderBack by clicking the banner below, the crew was able to review the Online Subscription and the I-Pad App!


Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with a 6 month subscription to KinderBach Online in return for an honest review of the program. All opinions are the honest opinions of me or my children.

Thank you for sharing!!


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