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Math is the subject, I just do not like teaching the kids probably because I have just never been good at it. My husband has always been the one that helps the kids with the math that I just don’t understand because he is a whiz at it!  With the fact that some of my boys get so frustrated at math, I am always on the look out for a good math program that might make that struggle out of math, and Math911 has proven to be a valuable resource!!

Math 911 is a program developed by Dr. Wiseman after years of working with “at risk” children since 1963, many of which had failed in algebra for many years. He found that it was very difficult for many to find an Algebra program that was effective and affordable. It is meant for students looking to complete a upper level math program

You have your choice of 2 different versions of Math911, the Free Version and the Premier Version:

The FREE version includes Algebra, and covers the following topics:
  • Intro to Whole Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication Factors
  • Division of Wholes
  • Intro to the Integers
  • Combine
  • Integers
  • Multiply / Divide Integers
  • Combine Like Terms
The Premier Download includes lessons in the following subjects:
  • Intermediate Algebra Course (Algebra II)
  • PreCalculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Introductory Statistics Course

The topics covered are arranged by chapter, sections, and levels. Within each level students will answer questions that teach your child vital Algebra concepts, including graphs and word problems, One of the nice features about Math 911 is that it uses “mastery based learning” meaning the program will only accept correct answers, every student gets 100%, which means students get immediate feedback on their answers and really get a chance to see where they went wrong! So what happens if your child gets an incorrect answer? Well the program will let your child know the answer is incorrect and then they will click on “see solution” where the program provides step by step instructions to help them find the correct answer and see where they went wrong. Some of the topics that we have covered while using the program are exponents, negative numbers, and order of operations.

You start by heading over to the website and downloading the free program which will give you access to the free program right away. To have access to the full program you need to click on the register button which will email Professor Wiseman and he will send you the codes to activate the full version (took about 24 hours for a response) make sure to let him know you are a homeschooler in the email. With the Premier Version you have the choice of premier, premier password, or Network Version you can change your mind later and try a different set up if you choose. The student passwords for the premier password edition, are generated by the software you do not get to choose your own, so make sure you write the password down.

After downloading and installing the program, you will start Math 911, and you will see exactally what the website states: “There are no frills, graphics, or animations” which is great for the kiddo who gets easily distracted from colorful animations and such, or the kids who just want to get their math work done without added extras! We found that the program was pretty easy to use, and quite user friendly. Because I plan on using the program with a couple of my other kiddos in the future I set Dustin up using a user ID and password, so each child will have their own seperate account! I will have to say that I think it’s wonderful with a family of our size not having to pay for each individual child something you don’t find in many programs, it can get very pricey sometimes just to add everyone onto a program!

Below is a screen shot from the menu, on the right side you have your choice of lessons you can choose from.

Once on the Math911 program students first choose what class they want to work on their options are Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre Calculus, trigonometry, or intro to statistics. After choosing a program they next have the choice of what lesson they want to complete, they can start at lesson 1 or any other lesson they choose. Next they work through the problems, in each lesson until the level is complete. When a student completes the level, they are automatically advanced to the next level.

Below is an example of the step by step directions given when your student answers the question incorrectly.


I have used the program with Dustin, and we started with the Algebra I program. Dustin is a very strong visual learner, matter of fact when he went into the neuro psychologist for testing he tested in the gifted levels for visual learning. With that being said, it has been a little more of a struggle trying to get him to pick up on the concepts with the way Math911 teaches the concepts. I may have been to blame for his initial struggles with the program, because I did not realize at first that there were printable lessons to go along with the Algebra I course. After realizing this however, I printed off the lessons, and this helped to made the program less frustrating for him (and me :).

I do feel that this program will be a wonderful fit for Cody and Serena, who are more independent, self driven students, that prefer to get through their work with less colorful distractions on the pages. I think that because the program doesn’t really teach the lessons before expecting the students to be able to find the answers in all the courses except Algebra I, in my opinion Math911 would be a better supplement to use with another program, or perhaps you could find lessons teaching the topics have your child go through those before completing the lessons (which is what I will do for Cody and Serena when it comes time to use the program for them) used as a refresher course, or maybe a summer program for kids struggling to pick up higher math concepts taught previously.

For the price of this program and the fact you get Algebra I free to see how the program works, you really can’t go wrong with Math911. If offers so many practice equations it could really help any parent looking for some extra practice with upper level math, I feel it would be a great resource to any household!

Cost of Math 911?

The Standard Version of Math 911 can be downloaded for FREE – This includes a FREE Complete Algebra 1 course.

Upgrade to the Premier Version for $49.95 – With the Premier Version you will get lifetime updates, free technical support, additional Mathematics Courses with separate grade reports for all family members. Includes Algebra I, Algebra II, pre calculus, trigonometry, and beginning statistics.

USB Flash Drive $49.95: All the premier programs put onto a flash drive, to easily be used in any computer  works on windows 7, Vista, or XP.
Enter the code HOMESCHOOL at Google checkout to get the USB Flash drive for the special price of $9.95.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with a Premium membership at no cost to me in return for our review of the program. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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