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Math Essentials:

Math Essentials was developed by Rick Fisher, math instructor in San Jose, California school district while teaching 5/6th graders. Each year about 1/2 of his math students were able to skip 7th grade math and move onto 8 grade high powered Algebra Programs.
After seeing these results Rick designed these books for elementary, middle school, and even high school students. Many students made several grade level improvements after using this program! This is an easy to follow, step by step program, requiring only 20 minutes of work a day!

Math Essentials America’s Math Teacher DVD Series:
Series of math programs that offers online video or DVD lessons, children watch a short 10 minute video for each lesson, teaching them each of the lessons and then walking them through practice problems and encouraging the kids to follow along.

Current DVD Series Products:
No-Nonsense Algebra [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills- Book 1 (grades4/5) [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills- Book 2 (middle/high school) [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills- Pre-Algebra Concepts [Sample] [Table Of Contents]

No Nonsense Algebra
Math is just a subject that Serena does not look forward to, or like at all! Trying to get her to understand it and not spend hours doing a lesson is almost impossible!!  I was dreading getting into High School math classes with her, since math is not a favorite subject of mine either. That is until we were blessed to review a copy of No Nonsence Algebra. Serena has been using the program for 4 weeks now and she comes up to me frequently and says “I’m so glad we decided to use this Algebra program, I love it” those are words I would have NEVER expected to come out of her mouth!!

In simple terms No-Nonsense Algebra is exactally what the title says, just Algebra and no nonsecnce in between. Students simply log onto the No Nonsence website and watch the video that goes along with the lesson, the video is only about 10 minutes long, which is just enough time to go over the daily lesson, practice problems  (where they strongly encourage the kids to follow along with), 1 daily word problem, and also a review of previously learned skills!  After they have completed the video they are to work on their short 1 page worksheet, which to be honest is one of Serena’s favorite parts, not having to do pages of work problems has sold her! It is taking her at the most 30 minutes to complete a lesson, for High School Algebra, I’m amazed!! This will be a company I continue to purchase math curriculum from in the future, not only is the curriculum amazing, but the price is great to!

Math Skills Book Series:
This part of the Math Essentials program is not a complete curriculum, and is shorter course, which extensively focuses on 1 main math concept using real life examples to teach the following concepts:

Current Math Skills Book Series:

Mastering Essential Math Skills: Decimals and Percents [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills: Fractions [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills: Problem Solving [Sample] [Table Of Contents]
Mastering Essential Math Skills: Whole Numbers and Integers [Sample] [Table Of Contents]

Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry
We were also blessed with a copy of Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry, a work book that Dustin has been using to start out his year. Dustin struggles with ADHD, and many of the math curriculums we have tried for him have been great, but the amount of time spent on learning the lesson and then completing the workpage was enough for him to lose interest fast! Finding a math curriculum that would work for him has been very difficult!

Master Essential Math Skills Geometry is a great program that only takes 20 minutes a day, enough time for him to be able to understand the concept being taught, do the workpage and even get in a little review! This part of the program does not come with online videos or DVD’s that teach the lessons, but the lessons were simple enough to where we could discuss the “helpful hints” at the top of the page and he has been picking up the skills quite well with that any only minimal help from me. When he is finished with this program I expect that he will be quite efficient with his Geometry skills!

I will continue to use this program with Dustin in the future and would especially recommend this program to any child who can easily lose interest in other math programs due to short attention span, or just generally needs a push to enjoy or understand math.

The only downside with the Math Essentials Program from what I have experienced is there is not colorful pictures and other things that my dyslexic kiddo can have a reference in his brain. Most other kids would have no problems with this what so ever!! Also the answers are located in the back of the book, I just cut the answers out of the back of the book before they started!

What’s The Cost Of The Program?
Mastering Essential Math Skills: No-Nonsense Algebra:
$27.95 The price includes the math book and acess to the online video library that go with the lessons, so there is nothing else that needs to be purchased!
Mastering Essential Math Skills: Geometry:
$11.95 The price includes a 90 page work book.

During the months of July, August, or September Math Essentials is offering a special discount on any order placed through the Math Essentials Website HERE:

Any order that includes Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 1, Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2, or No-Nonsense Algebra,
free copy of Geometry (A $14.95 value) plus a free Homework Kit (A $4.99 value).
All math essentials products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you have tried the program 20 minutes a day as directed, and are not seeing what you feel are dramatically improved math test scores, send them an email telling them so, and they will give you a complete refund, no questions asked!
Click the banner below to head over and see what fellow crew members had to say about the program, the crew was blessed to try out several different programs from Math Essentials! 


Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I was given a free copy of No-Nonsense Algebra, and Geometry, the free copy has not influnced my review. All opinions are those of mine or my children’s.

Thank you for sharing!!


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