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Something that is very important to me, and to my daughter is wearing clothes that are modest, and not following the trend of todays world, Modesty Matters is a company who is committed to helping teach sewing using multi sensory teaching, using all patterns that are modest and clothing I am glad to let my daughter wear! So when give the opportunity to review Modesty Matters, You Can Sew, we were very excited to use this great curriculum.

You Can Sew is a complete program that teaches anyone of almost any age to sew, even with no previous experience. Your student watches the included DVD’s follows along in the student text and completes the projects using the provided patterns at the end of each chapter.

The program is so thourough at teaching how to sew, it starts by teaching you how to thread a machine, and all the parts on the sewing machine including what each of them do, it goes onto teaching different techniques to students which are put to use with the projects at the end of the chapter, they projects included are a pin cushion, an apron, a skirt, and then a-line dress. During the lessons you will work on making an amazing personal reference scrapbook from the written text lessons so you can reference the concepts taught. There is a total of 65 lessons, each class is approximately 45-50 min long. You can Sew includes:

  • 30 page glossary
  • CD with 5 exclusive patterns
  • 1 Inch binder for curriculum and your projects
  • Written Text- 159 pages
  • 5 DVD’s which include 65 video classes
Your package comes all put together in this 3 ring binder, which makes keeping everthing in one place easy!
The DVD’s videos and the pattern CD are all in CD sleeves in the front of the 3 ring binder.
Behind the DVD’s and CD’s you have the student workbook and text book.
The student text contains clear directions and extension activities. It teaches everything from sewing machine parts to actual sewing projects.
It also contains work pages for the student to complete following some of the lessons, reinforcing the skills learned in the lesson and also providing a reference page for later projects!
My original plan for this program was to have Serena use it to learn how to sew, but she was not having much patients to even figure out how to thread the machine. Dustin approached me asking if he could use the program because Serena didn’t want to anymore, so I let him take over the program wasn’t sure how well that would work but praying for the best results 🙂  This was the best thing I could have ever done, Dustin will sit for hours some days and watch multiple lessons, and then practice them using the sewing machine. Those of you who know Dustin would understand how much of a surprise this is, he is my kiddo that struggles with ADD/ADHD so he can rarely sit still for anything especially something that takes patients, let alone focus on something for any extended period of time….

Dustin now can sew different clothing and has learned so many of the basics of the sewing machine, it did take Dustin and Jake a while to figure out that the first sewing machine we had was not going to work because it needed some repairs. My aunt and uncle graciously gave us a sewing machine they had and were not using and that is what we used in the end.This is the new addition to our house, a sewing table! It is currently used almost daily.

Once we overcame the big problem in finding out that the sewing machine we were going to use was not going to work, it was smooth sailing!

The ways that the DVD’s teach the kids how to practice is ingenious, use a sheet of lined paper and practice staying on the lines which in turn in transferred over to straight lines on your projects!
He did pretty good for it being his first time using the sewing machine! The second page he had to add zig zags in between the lines.
After learning the basics on the sewing machine, all the terminology of the sewing machine, and doing some practice, he was off to his first project a pin cushion.
After he finished his pin cushion he felt a little more confident in making things using the sewing machine, so he made his own little pocket for storing things out of an old pair of jeans, you can see it sitting on the desk.
The 1 thing he struggles with the most is pinning his pattern, it takes so much patience and time! It has been a great way for him to work on patience 😉
Here is the apron he made following the patterns provided! He did such an amazing job!


He is working on the skirt for Serena now, once he is finished with that he will be making her a night gown.

The program has inspired him to start teaching the neighbor girl and his brothers how to sew to 🙂 Hopefully that will spark an interest in Serena to…

Once he is finished with the program, he is already looking for different projects he can make for people for Christmas! I am quite sure Modesty Matters has taught him an invaluable skill that he will continue to use for years to come. Thank You Modesty Matters for allowing us this amazing opportunity!!

I would recommend Modesty Matters You Can Sew to anyone wanting to teach their children to sew, the program would be most useful if you have girls in the house as a lot of the projects contain patterns meant for girls ex. skirts, dresses/nightgowns. I am planning on purchasing the pattern from Modesty Matters for sewing a modest bathing suit for Serena soon, it is not easy to find a bathing suit that is modest now a days and what better way then to make one!

What is the cost of Modesty Matters: You Can Sew?

You Can Sew! $159 You get the complete program: the DVD’s, Pattern CD with adult and child patterns, workbook and more, all you need is the sewing materials and machine.
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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with Modesty Matters: I Can Sew at no cost to me, in return for an honest review of the product. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. One of the other reviews for this mentioned a boy add on, that you might want to get for your boys. Not on the website yet, but it would be worth a phone call.


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