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Multiplication Math Made Easy is a fun and easy way to teach multiplication to kids by learning 6 multiplication facts a week, and taking only 6 weeks to learn all their multiplication facts 0-11. I used the program with Anthony (3rd grade) and would say it could be used with any child needing help on memorizing or learning their multiplication facts.

Math Made Easy: Multiplication comes complete with 6 weeks of:

  • lesson plans
  • daily activities
  • quizzes
  • flash cards
  • Pre-Test
  • Post-Test

All you need for the program is found in the 72 page comb bound book, all the activities, and flash cards are printed on a thick card stock, and have perforated edges for easy removal.

The program starts by teaching kids the 1’s, 0’s, 10’s, and 11’s since they are so easy to memorize. Next students learn just 6 new multiplication facts per week, that are reinforced daily using fun and engaging activities. Kids get added practice with the included flash cards, and weekly game to help reinforce they are learning.

Our opinion of Math Made Easy: Multiplication
Anthony has been using Math Made Easy for about 4 weeks, we are using it 5 days a week. Each day it is only taking us about 15 minutes to get through our lesson, do the activity, practice, and still be able to retain the material, a great thing for busy moms like myself! I really loved how this program breaks up the multiplication facts into only 6 facts per week, making it not seem so overwhelming to kids, verses traditional multiplication teaching. Another thing I have enjoyed about the program is the fact that everything is already put together for you, and all you have to to is prepare the materials and teach.
 Anthony has made some huge improvements in learning his multiplication facts.While Math Made Easy is not a complete curriculum for your math year just an extra help/supplement, it has been a wonderful supplement for learning the multiplication facts.
 The only downsides I have seen, is that the directions were not clear on a couple of the games, but I was able to figure out how to put them together. I do also feel that the price of the program is just a little high for what is contained, the book is a comb binding, just like what I use to put our books together, also it is not a full year curriculum so the cost would be on top of your core curriculum. I may however still purchase the program because the author has allowed us to make copies for all other kids in the house.

What Is The Cost Of The Program?
Math Made Easy: Multiplication:  $24.95 (includes everything needed to use/teach the program) the author has given permission to copy and use with other children in the household.

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Disclaimer: As a member of This Old Schoolhoue Review Crew I was sent a copy of Math Made Easy: Multiplication for review purposes. All opinions are the honest opinions of mine and/or my children’s.


Thank you for sharing!!



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