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The Schoolhouse Review Crew has been given the opportunity to review When I first signed onto schoolhouse teachers I was almost overwhelmed at the amount of materials available on their site! I was not expecting such a wide range of resources, but was pleasantly surprised that I could plan many classes using the resources available there is something for everyone preK-Adult!

Some of the great features on Schoolhouse Teachers:

  • Filmmaking Class: 30 narrated series of short lessons for young filmmakers. Some of the topics covered are screen writing, casting, cover sales, marketing, distribution, evaluation, and career planning.Monthly menus: An entire month of great recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Everything from main dishes, soups, desserts, you can even go view past menus for tons of meal ideas!
  • Pre-K ideas: Read and Play where a children’s story is chosen and then lots of hands on learning and play ideas are shared for all kinds of fun to go along with your story!
  • Crafts- Archives of crafts separated into months of the year, some of the crafts available are Scratch it Out Crayon Picture, Thankful Hands Tree, Shaving Cream Christmas Cards, and many more!
  • Free e-book every month-, for the first year of your membership. The first months book was Homeschooling Your High from Transcripts to Graduation, it was in it’s self an amazing resource.
  • Monthly Bonus E-Books- Each month you are a member of Schoolhouse Teachers you will receive acess to download unit studies, homeschooling resources, WeE-books, Schoolhouse Thematic Units, Curiosity Files, and WannaBes. The amount of resources you will have after a 1 year membership is amazing!
  • The Old Schoolhouse Magazine delivered to your inbox monthly with lots of homeschooling information and advice for the new, seasoned, and veteran homeschoolers. You also receive access to back issues of This Old Schoolhouse Magazine.
  • They offer an amazing series for struggling readers which has been so wonderful for me since they have some great ideas for teaching a dyslexic child to read and write. I have been able to print off workbooks for him to be able to practice reading, which has saved me from having to purchase extra curriculums for Cody to get the extra practice he needs.

Some of the ways we have been using Schoolhouse Teachers in our homeschool:
First off I have to say that Schoolhouse Teachers offers so many amazing resources we are using or plan to use this year, choosing just a few to share with you was quite difficult. So here are a few of the ways we are using this amazing resource!

Yearly Planners with more than 800 pages so you can design your yearly planner however you choose they offer 5 different planners to choose from.

  1. Schoolhouse Planner- general planner for all learners
  2. Special Leraners Planner- For homeschooling your special needs kids with IEP included
  3. Primary Planner- This planner is for k-4th graders
  4. Intermediate Planner- This planner is for 5th – 8th graders
  5. High School Planner- The High School planner is great for High Schoolers it has transcripts, and include college and career planning ideas and checklists.

The planners have been such a blessing and is what I used this year to plan our school year, they are completly customizable which is great. The planners offer reference pages including U.S Presidents, Planning pages, grammar and spelling rules, blank customizable calendars,

Ditch The Desk: series where each week a new lesson is added to help your k-5th grader ‘ditch the desk ‘ and enjoy some Hands-On-Learning. This month’s theme is ‘oceans’ and we are incorporating some of the fun activities into our unit. This months ocean activities include
Eight-Legged Math Octopus
Giant Oceanscape
I am an Ocean Animal
Fishy Fishy Snack-Under the Sea

We are adding the Geography studies to our year. The Geography series is suggested to be used 1 week a month as a break from your main History program. During this week period you will learn about a different country each month the suggested schedule to use is as follows:

Monday: Read the chapter, plus read some additional reading from some of the recommended books. They suggest using your library and requesting them well in advance.
Tuesday: Continue Reading from your Recommended reading list and mark some historical significance to your timeline (using provided links)
Wednesday: Continue to read from your Recommended reading list and map some geographical places on the unlabeled map of the country provided for you,
Thursday: Get into the kitchen and create some delicious dished from the unit study section of each chapter.
Friday: Work on a craft from the Featured Country have older kids write a report on the featured country.

Home economics: has been a wonderful thing to be able to add to Serena’s Freshman year, and is teaching her many things about homemaking!  Money Saving Mondays kids learn money saving tips from smart shopping to Homemade vs Store-bought and more. Tidy Tuesday’s kids learn how to properly clean different areas around the house ex. A Clean Sink, Cleaning The Refrigerator. Wisdom Wednesday kids incorporate what the bible says about home economics into our daily life. Think About It Thursday: Kids help think of ways to make the house run smoother ex. make a Master snack list, Tackle leftovers and turn them into a blessing instead of a burden. Feed Me Friday: Kids make a meal for the family great way for teenagers to learn how to cook different recipes. ex. Mexi-Chicken, Baked Chicken.

Lapbooking lessons: We will be adding 1 lapbook a month to our curriculum, our first month we are doing a  Summer Safety lapbook which has been a lot of fun learning about what safety measures should be taken in the hot summer months, especially with how hot our summer has been! Our second month we will be doing the Buckingham Palace lapbook as we learn more about the Summer Olympics. Lapbook Lessons are presented from the well known Co-Creator of In The Hands Of A Child.

Technology lessons have been so much fun for Cody, he has been able to enjoy learning how to create his own Game after learning some of the ins and outs of Hackety Hack. He also enjoyed using Google Earth to take a look at our National Sites as we are going through Road Trip USA. Cody discovered many of the wonderful features Google Earth has to offer for educational purposes some of which include: Finding fish in the oceans, Blazing a trail, Finding a webcam, Found houses in the street view, the possibilities are endless and Cody now is addicted to Google Earth and asks to get on it often!

I have found a wonderful new resource for our homeschool, this is a membership I am planning on continuing to use in the future and would recommend to any homeschooler, or parent!

Why don’t you see for yourself and head over for a short video tour of the site.

Price Of Membership:
Schoolhouse Teachers offers a few different payment options to fit all budgets
Monthly: Only $1 for your first month and $5.95 each month after you can cancel your membership at any time.
Yearly: Save 10% for only $64.26, WOW that is an amazing price for all the available resources WELL worth the investment!
Schoolhouse Teachers can also be found on
You Tube
Google +

Stop over and see what fellow crew members had to say about Schoolhouse Teachers, by clicking the banner below.


Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew we were provided with a 1 year membership to School House free in return for a review. My opinions are mine or my children’s honest opinions about the program.

Thank you for sharing!!


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