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I have to admit that other than sign language and my high schoolers we haven’t spent any time learning a second language in our homeschool. So when given the opportunity to review Speekee TV a fun online spanish course for children ages 2+, lets just say I was very excited. Not only did that mean I could teach my kids spanish, but the program makes it so all my kids can learn together is even better!

Speekee TV is a complete online program to teach you child spanish, the main part of the program is the videos but on top of that you also get access to all the downloads and the enrichment activities that compliment the lessons being taught. Each video is about 15-20 minutes long, and covers a variety of spanish language associated with the topic being learned while watching fun puppets and real children living in Spain. For example in The Cafe children learn the names of drinks such as milk, water, and orange juice, they will learn the names of different fruits, how to count those fruits, songs using the fruits names, and watch children interacting with the drinks and fruits. The video is introduced initally by watching the full video and then takes small sections from the video to help reinforce the words being taught.

Each unit is studied for 4 weeks, during that time we start our week watching the full video clip and then on Tuesday- Friday we watch a short clip of the main video and practice the words doing an activity, having a conversation, going to the place, etc… Here is an example, we are on week 2 of El Cafe’ and on

  • Monday- watch the full video.
  • Tuesday- watch the orange, cherry, and banana clip and doing an extension using conversation about those fruits, they include a printable of each item discussed if you do not have the real item available.
  • Wednesday- watch a little/a lot and then pour water, milk, and juice into glasses talking about a lot and a little.
  • Thursday- watch happy/sad and then make happy and sad faces using orange peelings and take a picture of the child with their orange faces making the happy or sad face, we will print out the pictures and then they can then add the pictures to their spanish journals!
  • Friday- discuss What’s in the bag we watch the short clip and then play whats in the bag using objects we have learned in spanish.
Here is a look at the website where the extra activities are located, as you can see each activity is listed separately so they are easy to find, and they also have the video clip to the right so you don’t have to go back and figure out what video clip you need to watch for the day.

They also send a weekly email with the details and a full explanation of the week and include a link to the website as in the picture above. Below is a screenshot of part of the week 6 email I received.

There are 10 different places Speekee takes children to while learning spanish, they are The park, Cafe, House, Zoo, School, Market, Station, Beach, Garden, and Party. Each place is a fun new adventure for children while learning to speak spanish! We have only completed The park and are half way through Cafe, but with the results I have seen already, I cannot imagine what they will pick up from completing the program.

Our opinion of this product is that it is an amazing way to teach spanish to children without frustration, and I would recommend it to all parents for children 2-12. It’s a simple way to learn spanish and it draws the children in, the songs and videos are very catchy and not only would the kids randomly start singing or saying some of the songs, I even found myself reciting some of the videos as well. I often overhear the boys having conversations with each other using spanish now, and Anthony has been drinking with a straw saying me gusta (just like they do in the video) for 2 weeks now 🙂

I have to admit was a little skeptical when I logged onto the program and realized that each unit is to be worked on for 4 weeks, I really thought this was just way to long especially with my older ones and that the children would get bored with the videos by then. Despite my thoughts, I followed the program and am working on each of the units for 4 weeks, I have been very happy to find out that because they offer so many different activities during the 4 week period there is no getting bored of the videos, everyone from Gabriel (2) to Dustin (12) were still enjoying the video after the 4 week period. To be quite honest I really wish that they had more videos and other languages to offer, it is that much of a wonderful program! I cannot say enough good things about Speekee, this is one program you won’t regret purchasing!!

Here is a short video from Speekee so you can get an idea as to what the videos are like.

What is the cost of Speekee TV?
Speekee gives parents 2 different payment options, making the program affordable for all parents!
$7.50 Monthly
$60 Yearly

Speekee offers a FREE 2 week trial of the program so you can make sure the program is something you would continue to use, and enjoy before paying for your subscription.

To stay up to date on whats happening at Speekee you can follow:
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Disclaimer: As a member of the The Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with a 6 month subscription to Speekee TV in return for our review of the program. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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  1. This is a very well done review! The details you give, how it is to be used and how you used it are all shared so nicely! I am so glad your family is enjoying this.

    Well done!


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