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Dayspring Christian Academy is an online self paced interactive program that teaches children in grades 3-6 the complete history of the Pilgrim Story. It starts before the pilgrims left from Plymouth, MA and teaches the kids right through three years after their arrival in the new world. The last lesson takes students on a virtual field study of Plymouth, MA.

Through out the lessons there is Christian character and biblical principles intwined into the lessons that teach hard work, perseverance, and even teaches children about the history of the bible becoming widely available to people at a price they could afford. The Pilgrim story teaches students how God provided to the pilgrims lives during the founding of America.

There are 5 units to the program, consisting of 17 total lessons, the lessons are complete study including notebook pages, note taking pages, vocabulary words with definitions, They also provide you with assessments and ideas for further studies. Each lesson is aproximately 45 minutes long, plus the enrichment activities for about 1 hour of study. The lessons are presented using video that is similar to a power point presentation, that contain short sections of the information being presented. The supplemental materials is provided at the beginning of the lesson that can be printed out, and are full color work and informational pages.

Students answer questions in a fill in the blank page so they are following the lesson, the work pages they work on during and after the lesson work to provide all the needed material for your student to keep a notebook of the study.

Here is a short video about The Pilgrim Story.

How Did We Use The Pilgrim Story in Our Homeschool?
We have been learning about the history of America this year, and the Pilgrim story has been such a great and amazing addition to our study. I have been using the program 2 days a week for the last 5 weeks and have been able to almost finish Unit 3.

We have been using the program for Dustin 13, Cody 11, and Anthony 8. Dustin and Cody were expected to make a notebook, answer the questions along with the program, and do some of the enrichment activities, I did not have them do all the provided activities as there is a lot of different activities for each lesson. I had Anthony watch the program but did not have him do the work pages, I did however verbally ask him questions about the videos making sure he was retaining at least some of it, and have him illustrate and write a couple sentences about what was learned after each of the lessons replacing his writing curriculum for those 2 days a week.

What Did We Think Of The Pilgrim Story?
I was surprised and delighted in the full teaching that Dayspring Academy uses to teach children about such an important event in history, not just about the pilgrims getting to America and celebrating with a feast. Matter of fact they don’t even talk about the Pilgrim’s voyage until the second unit, we are finishing unit 3 and just learning about he conditions on board the Mayflower! The Pilgrim Story digs deeper into the subject teaching children the reasons that the pilgrims left for America all the way through 3 years after their arrival in America, and then even finished with a field trip of Plymouth, MA. My children now have such a better understanding of the events and lives of the Pilgrims and others during this time in history already I can’t imagine what knowledge they will pick up as we finish the program.

Another thing that was unique about The Pilgrims story is the fact that they are not just normal videos that continuously play unless students pause the program, The Pilgrim Story shows short video clips giving students time to answer the questions in their notes without missing part of the video when students are ready to continue they click the next button. They direct students to any work pages that need to be done, really making the program something kids can do pretty much independently if you choose. They also offer on screen words that follow along with the text of the lessons and underline the words that need to be filled into the notes page. Adding the vocabulary into the lessons helps students get a full understanding of what is being taught by helping them understand some of the big words used!

The kids and myself have really enjoyed watching the videos, and have picked up so much about this event in history that we did not know before. The kids did comment about how many pages they are supposed to do during and after the lesson, which I took care of by just not expecting them to do all the provided work pages and that worked just fine for us. I think the notes pages are an amazing way to get kids to really pay attention to the lessons but also teach them the important skill of note taking needed in later school years. I would recommend parents to go into the lessons and print out the work pages ahead of time so you don’t have to stop before each program and print them out.

I would recommend The Pilgrim Story to all homeschool parents, teachers, or any one wanting to teach their children the story of The Pilgrim’s, this program will give you the most extensive look into the whole story behind the Pilgrims answering so many of the questions that are not taught in most stories that I have ever seen. They offer all the work pages and activities you will need to go along with the story and offer easy to follow directions provided in short clips for students, so parents work is very minimal.

Cost Of The Pilgrim Story:

$99.99 for a 6 month unlimited access for all your children to the program. This includes the videos and all the work pages and supplemental material, you will need nothing else except to print the pages you need!

Access to the course begins within 48 hours from purchase. You will have access to the program for six months from the date of registration. The course does not meet at a specific time. You may access it at any time that is convenient to your schedule.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was provided with a 6 month subscription to The Pilgrim Story at no cost to me in return for my review of the product no other compensation was given. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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