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Time 4 writing is a product offered by the well known company Time 4 Learning, it is a company that provides an 8 week series of online writing courses taught and facilitated by an experienced writing teachers. They offer classes for elementary, middle, and high schoolers and many different classes in each of the different levels. They offer help for parents in choosing what class to choose for their students, and support from teachers every step of the way.
We were blessed with the Elementary Course in Grammar Rocks, it is an eight week course for children as early as second grade. It teaches parts of speech and their usage in sentences, basic capitalization rules, proofreading strategies, and how to form complete sentences using subject and predicate. Your child is given a teacher to help support, grade papers, and to help guide them through each step of the way. Parents will receive a detailed report half way and at the end of the course, giving you a detailed report of how your child is doing on the program an individualized report of your students progress.

During the Time 4 Writing Grammar Rocks course your child will cover each of the following topics:

  • Unit 1- Nouns- This unit will teach students about identifying common, concrete, and abstract nouns and when to capitalize proper nouns.
  • Unit 2- Pronouns and Adjectives- This unit will give students a complete understanding of all types of pronouns. Students will also be introduced to adjectives and learn how to recognize them in sentences.
  • Unit 3- Verbs- students will learn to correctly identify action, helping, and linking verbs in sentences.
  • Unit 4- Capitalization- This unit will teach students how to recognize and use most common capitalization rules.
  • Unit 5- Sentence Structure- This unit will teach students about identifying and correcting run -on sentences and fragments.
  • Unit 6- Sentence Subject- This unit will teach students how to identify and write complete subjects in sentences.
  • Unit 7- Sentence Predicate- This unit will teach students how to identify and write correct predicate in a sentence.
  • Unit 8- Proofreading- This unit will teach students how to recognize simple proofreading strategies and how to utilize then in their writing.


I tried this program for Cody, he is my kiddo who can one day understand the grammar rules and concepts, and a couple days later that is all gone. I have tried so many different ways to get him to retain it all, it just hasn’t worked. Cody has been diagnosed with dyslexia so finding the right thing to store a mental picture is not easy sometimes. So my hope was that having him use Time 4 Writing would be the solution to fix that. 
We have been using the Time 4 Writing Grammar Rocks course for 6 weeks now, and I have been surprised with what is included in the program. The way the program is scheduled the kids work on 1 topic per week and then at the end of the week kids will take a quiz to test their knowledge the quizzes were usually paragraphs the kids would have to find nouns, verbs, or find problems in the paragraph, and then type or copy the answers into the on screen spreadsheet. 
During that time you have a teacher that interacts with the kids, by leaving them feedback on any assignments turned in and not done correctly. The teacher was great on giving Cody a chance to redo a couple lessons he did not do so good on a lesson the first time, I did have to sit and go over a few of the lessons with him or he would have not picked it up. The site says that all assignments will be graded within 24 hours unless it is a weekend, but from what we have experienced with the teacher for Cody is that usually within a few hours the assignment is graded! 
We did have some problems on multiple occasions with the lessons not saving and Cody having to redo the whole lesson sometimes multiple times. I did contact the teacher about the issue who replied back promptly and sent the message off to the correct person who contacted me within 24 hours to get info about the problem. The issue with the lessons not being submitted put him behind a week and a half, and they do not give you extra time for that, so Cody had 8 weeks of class to complete in 6 1/2 weeks. The kids are not supposed to move onto the next lesson until the teacher has had a chance to grade the lesson so we may not even be able to finish the program before the 8 weeks is up and we no longer have access, which is to bad. I will also say, I was also surprised as to how much reading was entailed in each lesson, after having used the Time 4 Learning product in the past I guess I just expected there to be fun games and really interactive ways to teach each concept, and was very surprised Time 4 Writing did not do the same!
Overall I think Time 4 Writing is a wonderful program, and is a great way for teaching your kids grammar, if they are kids who can keep up with the pace of the program and be guaranteed not to need to slow down for a little extra help. If they are kids that learn best from reading materials this would be a great program for them as well. The teachers are wonderful, very prompt at replying to any questions and grading pages, and also helpful in helping your child to succeed!
What Is The Cost of Time 4 Writing Grammar Rocks?
$99 Any 8 week course offered through Time For Writing.
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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew we were provided with a free 8 week Time 4 Writing Course in return for my honest review of the product. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

Thank you for sharing!!


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