Rock Splatter Art

Rock SplatterArt

Thank you for sharing!!

Last month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we were learning about Nature Around Us. This was such a great lesson for us, especially since we are a nature loving family! One of the art projects was rock splatter paintings, both of the boys loved this project!

Rock SplatterArt

Rock Splatter Art Materials

  • Paint
  • Water
  • Rock
  • Coffee Filter
  • Paper Towel
  • Paint Brush (optional)
  • Shallow Dish

All we did was put paint and water (about 1/2 and 1/2 mixture) into the cup that was provided in our Mother Goose Time Materials, set it on top of the coffee filter (also provided,) find a rock from outside, and drop the rock into the shallow dish with paint.


Rock Splatter ProjectRock Splatter Project

We did use paper towels to wipe off the rocks in between colors so they wouldn’t mix. The boys used 3 different colors for their paintings.

Rock Splatter Project Rock Splatter Art Rock Splatter Project Rock Splatter Art

Rock Splatter Art

We only had 1 big accident where the rock tipped over the container.

Rock Splatter Project

When they were done splattering their paints, they both used a paintbrush to spread the paint all over.
Rock Splatter Art

You can tell in this picture there was sound effects going along with the painting he was doing here  😀  !Rock Splatter Art Rock Splatter Art Rock Splatter Art

We set them onto paper plates to dry, flipping them after they were partially dry. Once they were set onto the plates both of the boys cleaned up their own area.


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Thank you for sharing!!

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