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As a homeschool mom my printer is 1 item around here that gets used tons anything from Montessori Cards, lapbooks,  timeline figures, coloring pages, work pages, tot books etc.. I have for years been searching for ways to save money on printing, we have tried getting our cartridges filled instead of purchasing new ones, tried refilling the cartridges ourselves, and also tried a few different printers, Office Depot Rewards Program, nothing seemed to save us to much money on our printing.
 When our last printer died (because one of my wonderful children accidentally poured a whole cup of water all over it) I knew I wanted to stay with the same brand of printer because of some of the great features. It prints beautiful pictures not just wallet size but even the 8×10’s are beautiful, prints double sided copies without me having to flip the paper around (which saves me a lot on paper and my time), it also has 5 different colors where as most printers usually have 3 so everything printed is so much more vibrant, it is a wireless printer, and lastly it has a top loading scanner (to copy loose pages) that can scan up to 50 pages at a time and it also has a flat bed scanner (for copying books).

After using the printer for a while I loved almost everything about it, but I realized there was 1 BIG downside to the printer… The cost of ink.. To refill all the cartridges (black and 5 colors) runs about $80. With as much printing as I do, it just became to much money!

So I did one of the things I do best, and started researching an alternative way of printing without having to give up the printer I have come to love. I ended up finding the perfect solution using a continuous ink supply system!Now I will say I was a little skeptical buying it because there was a couple people (out of hundreds) who wrote a review saying it didn’t work on their printer. But the cost was only $39.99 +$4.99 shipping which is less than it costs for 1 set of all the ink for the printer, so I figured I didn’t have much to lose.

The reason a continuous ink supply system works on the Artisian All in One but will not work on most other printers is because most printer heads move back and forth while printing, but the printer head in the Epson Artisian does not move back and forth making the tube system possible.

There is 100 oz in the ink containers which is enough ink to have replaced the store bought cartridges about 20 times, so my savings is about $1500, yea you read that right, not a typo! .45 per oz 16.00 per oz

The system was a little confusing for me to install (since it did not come with instructions) but Jake was able to put it together after watching this video.

The system starts with the BIG containers of ink, which are all connected to a big set of tubes that connect to where the cartridges go inside the printer, they include the special cartridges for the printer . This is what it looks like all connected to my printer.

We put the ink bottles behind the printer so that they are hidden from little hands who would have fun watching the ink pour everywhere 🙂

Jake cut a notch out of the front of the printer so the tubes could push the ink through.

Here is what the ink cartridges look link inside the printer, the tubes are connected to the big containers of ink and will send more ink through to the printer as needed.

The last couple week I have been in planning mode for our next school year and have been printing off workbooks for the kids so far in the last week, I have printed out about 10,000 pages and used about 1/2 my ink. Here is a picture of stacks of some of those 10,000 pages just to give you an idea of what that looks like for anyone who is curious.

The printer prints just the same as it always has, the only downside I have found in 6 months of it getting LOTS of use, is that I have to clean the heads on the printer more than I had to before (which entails pushing 2 buttons), but who cares with such a huge savings! Do you have any ideas you have used to save money on printing? I would love to hear them. Leave a comment letting me know!I am Linking up HERE

Thank you for sharing!!

17 thoughts on “Save money on Printing!!

  1. Erika says:

    That’s exactly what we use too! We’ve had it for about 2 1/2 years and the ink levels are only about 1/2 gone. I print a lot of pages for school and coupons. I LOVE the continuous flow! It saves so much money and I never have to change the cartridges!

    I’m now following you. 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Wow great idea – I hate how expensive printer ink is!! Thanks so much for joining the I <3 my Blog {Hop}!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. Beth Anne @ The Catholic Couponer says:

    This is soo cool! We currently have a black and white brother lasor printer. The ink on that is probably about $100 for the whole year since we can find the toner super cheap online. We recently bought an HP 8600 all in one printer. Supposedly the ink lasts for 2000 pages…we’ll see how we do on that..Not sure we can use this system but it looks pretty cool!

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