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Art is something I love doing with the kids, every one of them has their own talents and allowing them to try different classes helps to find their own artistic talents! So when we were given the opportunity to try Shipwrecked from See The Light that not only teaches the kids art, but does it with stories from the bible for the Schoolhouse Review Crew! In the Shipwrecked program children will learn about the apostle Paul and his journey while learning to create some amazing and simple to make art.

What is Shipwrecked?

Shipwrecked is one of the 5 wonderful art programs that See The Light has to offer, they all offer a bible story and art lesson rolled into one 260 minute video for kids.


Using Shipwrecked you begin by watching the short video titled “Shipwrecked” and then move onto the art lessons which are intertwined into the storythat was watched. There are 3 different art lessons all done by different artists and they walk your child through the process of creating their own drawing and make it simple for kids to follow along. The story is recommended for ages 3+ and all my children (3-14) watched and enjoyed the story, the art lessons are recommended for ages 6+, but with the chalk pastel lesson I had our 2 younger boys (3&5) do their own drawing with help as well.


The story on this DVD is Shipwrecked, it was about the apostle Paul and was a great story! The pictures in the story were all drawn by an artist using chalk. During the video they show the artist woking on one of the scences from the story that really bring the story to life for kids. The story was about the apostle Paul teaching the people to trust God because he will be your rock even in times of distress!

Art Lesson #1 Courage ~ 24 Minutes

The first art lesson was making the word courage because that is what the characters in the story had courage, but the word was to be made out of wooden planks. The reason they used wooden planks to make their word was because in the shipwrecked story the boat becomes shipwrecked and they are pretending to use the broken ship boards to make their words!

Creative Learning Lesson Materials Needed:

  • #2 Pencil
  • White or Gray kneaded eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • white or light colored 8 1/2” x 11” regular paper
  • 12″ ruler
  • box of colored pencils
  • Crayola EXTREME colored pencils
  • Black Light

Some of the kids were doubtful about weither they could make a good drawing using wooden planks, but in the end they were so surprised as to how well they did, I was to.

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Ethan and Gabe loved watching the video with the kids and decided to get their coloring books out and coloring something with the kids.





Art Lesson #2 Who Will Save Us ~ 19 minutes long

Students will watch as artist Pat Knepley teaches children how to create a cross using neon chalk pastels in the end they used a black light to make the picture stand out which they thought was very cool. The younger boys 3 & 5 also did this art activity with help and loved it as well!

Chalk Paster Lesson Materials Needed:
  • White or Gray kneaded eraser
  • medium tone 9″x12″ paper
  • 12 or more chalk pastels
  • Florescent pastels
  • A Black light
  • box of tissues
  • An old shirt

Art Lesson # 3 God Is My Lighthouse ~ 24 minutes long

Students will follow along with artist Jim Pence and use mixed media to create a wonderful drawing along with learning the joy of Art.

Mixed Media Lesson Materials Needed:
  • 2 bowls of water (1for clean water, 1 for dirty water)
  • A #12 watercolor brush
  • A #10 round brush
  • A craft foam brush
  • A set of 16 water colors
  • Black permanent markers (1fine point, 1 broad point)
  • Crayola EXTREME fluorescent crayons
  • A black light
  • Masking tape

What Did We Think Of Shipwrecked?

There are quite a few things that I really enjoyed about the Shipwrecked program. It teaches art to kids in an easy to understand step by step way that made it simple for all of my kids to be able to follow along and make a great drawing!  What was even more wonderful was that they also add in bible stories into the story teaching kids important character traits! I love the fact that I can use the program with all 4 of my older kids together and don’t have to find a program for each of the individual.
Most of the materials were easy to find and rather inexpensive, which is great when you have 4 kids doing an art class! The video gives simple techniques and step by step directions on how to use the materials eliminating any frustrations on not knowing how to use them. I would recommend this program to any parent looking for a wonderful art program that requires minimal materials and is very simple for children to understand and make some amazing drawings!
What Is The Price Of Shipwrecked?

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