Sensory Ideas For Kids

With having 3 kids who struggled with sensory processing disorder we have shared many different sensory ideas for kids here on the blog. As they get older we don’t use the sensory bins as much. Here you will find al things sensory that have been shared on the blog over the years.

Sensory Ideas For Kids

I have shared a TON of sensory bin ideas, you can click HERE to be taken to the tag with all the sensory bins.

Sensory Recipes

  • Flubber Recipe ~ Flubber is one of my kids favorite sensory mediums, here is how to make your own flubber with a few simple ingredients.
  • Moon Sand Recipe ~ My kids love playing in sand, make the sand sticky and they love it even more. We have tried this recipe for making your own and another using baby powder. The baby powder recipe was a disaster so this is the one we continue to use.
  • Make your own Dot Markers ~ My younger kids loved using dot markers for many different learning activities, plus it’s great fine motor practice. We made our own using bottles and watercolor paint, here is the tutorial.
  • Bubble Recipe ~ What kid doesn’t love playing with bubbles? This recipe not only makes bubbles, but the bubbles are HUGE and cheap.
  • Make your own shaped crayons ~ Using old broken crayons to make new shaped crayons is a great activity for kids.
  • Our favorite PlayDough Recipe ~ There are quite a few play dough recipes out there that we have tried over the years. This is our all time favorite it is smooth and lasts for a long time.
  • Top 15 Kids Sensory Ideas Pinterest boards ~ Our top Pinterest sensory ideas boards. With so many different people on Pinterest it’s hard to find ones that are the best, here are some of our favorites.

DIY Sensory Projects

How to make your own Sensory table. It’s easy to make and my kids got a TON of use from this table. We would just switch out the totes with the sensory fillers and they got tons of use.

How to make your own light table. My kids love playing with our light table. Even better we spent less then $20 on it using a tote and Christmas lights.

How to make your own felt board. How to make your own easy to make and cheap felt board. We used a piece of particle board and felt it was easy to make and has given us tons of hours of felt play. You can attach velcro to the back of anything to use on the felt board.


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Sensory Bin Filler Ideas


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