Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

We have 3 children who suffer from sensory processing disorder so it is a topic that I have written quite a few posts about, here you will find a list of all of those posts put together in one spot.

Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

Great Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

Our Sensory Motor Room – Our original sensory motor room in our basement.

I have a pinterest board that is just for at home sensory motor room ideas, stop over for ideas to make your own sensory motor room in your house.

Our Sensory Motor Room/Playroom – What our sensory motor room/playroom currently looks like.

Life With Sensory Processing Disorder – Take a look at what life looks like with a child that has SPD.

The Zones Of Regulation Program – This is an amazing resource for parents looking to teach their children how to regulate their emotions, a problem with some children who have SPD.

SPD Visual Schedules – Children with SPD are usually very visual, here is a look at our visual schedule we used to give our child with SPD predicability in his day.

The If… Then… Board – Teaching limits to our SPD kiddos was difficult, using this visual chart was a huge help in teaching him that once he did what he needed to do he could do the thing we wanted to do.

Gift Ideas For The High Spirited Child – Looking for gift ideas for the high spirited child for their birthday or Christmas? Here is a huge list of gift ideas!

15 Sensory Idea Pinterest Boards – Trying to find some sensory ideas for your SPD child? Here is a list of 15 Sensory Idea Pinterest Boards to follow for amazing ideas!

The Alert Program – Alert Go Fish! – The Alert Program is perfect for the child who gives you a little more time between dysregulation, this game Alert Go Fish is a great way to keep our slower going SPD kiddo moving during the day when he is tired.

Tips for keeping wiggly kids focused ~1 of my SPD kiddos really struggles to sit still. This post offers some tips on how we have made things easier for him to do his school when he can’t sit still.

Benefits of Listening Therapy for SPD and Autism ~ We have found that Listening therapy has worked wonders for our kiddo with SPD and Autism. Stop over and hear more about this great therapy.

Gift Ideas for the High Spirited Child ~ Finding gift ideas that will last and be helpful to SPD kids can be a challenge, this post give you many ideas that we have grown to love.

15 Top Kids Sensory Idea Pinterst Boards ~ 15 of my favorite Pinterest boards for sensory ideas.

Our VERY CHEAP Reading Nook ~ Having a spot kids with SPD can go to get away from it all is important. This reading nook is a great spot for kids to get away and calm down.

50 Sensory Bin Ideas ~ A round up of all the Sensory bin ideas I have shared on the blog over the years. Sensory bins are such a great input for SPD kiddos.

DIY Sensory Table ~ We made our own cheap and easy to make DIY sensory table to use for our sensory bins that used sterilite tubs here is how we did it.

DIY Light Table ~ How to make your own DIY Light table for very cheap. Light tables are a great way for SPD Kids to get sensory input.

Wondering what sensory processing disorder looks like for my kids? I wrote individual posts on how it effects each of them. We have 2 children that are high energy Dustin and Ethan, and another one who is our slower going kiddo who has SPD and Autism.

What Does Sensory Processing Disorder Look Like For Dustin

What Does Sensory Processing Disorder Look Like For Ethan

What Does Sensory Processing Disorder Look Like For Cody

 Sensory Processing Disorder Series

I did a 5 day series 5 Days of Sensory Processing Disorder with the Schoolhouse Review Crew

Day 1: What Is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Day 2: How Does Sensory Processing Disorder Effect Your Child?

Day 3: Sensory Diet and Our Favorite SPD Products

Day 4: Early Intervention and SPD

Day 5: SPD Tips, Ideas, and Resources

For other ideas for Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and other special needs helps, ideas stop over to my Pinterest board.

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board SPD, Autism, Aspergers, ADHD Helps, info, and ideas on Pinterest.


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