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With 6 kids running around the house there is one thing I don’t want to have to worry about, and that is diapers and wipes. Even though we are close to being out of that stage, there have been diapers and wipes used in our house for the last 14 years now. With my last 5 kids that have used diapers having been boys I also look for a diaper that can hold up to them being on the move constantly, because that is what my boys do, move constantly!

We have tried all the brands out there and had our fair share of problems with some of them from exploding diapers, diapers not holding in their messes, and major rashes from most non name brand diapers! Finding decent wipes can be a pain, some will rip while your wiping a mess some are not wet enough to clean up the mess, and others have so many added perfumes that the kids break out in a terrible rash.

Through the years I have tried many ways to save money on diapers and wipes and still get the quality by purchasing them on sale, using coupons, saving up points, and the list goes on. I even debated using cloth diapers to try and save money due to the huge cost of diapers and wipes. I never ended up doing it probably because there is just not enough hours in a day for me to keep up the house, homeschool 6 kids, go to many doctors appointments weekly and every thing else life throws in the way, to fit time to clean out cloth diapers and add to our already heaping piles of weekly laundry.

Because we noticed the HUGE price difference in the Simply Right Premium Diapers and Wipes for quite some time I had wanted to try them. The only problems was that I was afraid due to the fact that almost all of my kids could use nothing except name brand diapers or they would break out in a huge rash boy am I sure glad we gave them a try.

Simply Right Premium Wipes ~ The wipes are amazing and no different then the name brand wipes we were purchasing, well except the big price difference 🙂 They are very thick so no worrying about the wipe ripping while your cleaning up a mess and requiring less wipes. The Sam’s Club pack comes with 10 individual packs that each contain 90 wipes, so your getting 900 wipes for only $15.28. The Simply Right Premium Wipes come in individual packs that have a flip top to access the wipes so you don’t have to worry about refilling your wipes with bags of wipes in hopes they don’t get left open and dry out. The individual packs are also  a perfect size for putting in your diaper bag, storing around the house & car, without taking up much space!

Simply Right Premium Diapers ~
 The Sam’s Club pack of Simply Right diapers, comes with 228 diapers each of the diapers have a unisex animal design on them making them perfect for both girls and boys. I have to say I was always very picky when it comes to diapers and switching brands.  My reasons for being picky are for two reasons, first I have some kids with bad eczema and usually any non name brand diapers will make my kids break out in a very bad rash, second I do not want a diaper that will explode by morning when they don’t even fill the diaper that much that is a big mess to clean up I don’t have time for.

I have been quite pleased with these diapers, they hold up through the night without having big exploding messes to clean up, they fit the kids great because of the stretch tabs, so I am not worrying about the diaper leaking, and most importantly they do not leave rashes on my kids! I also have come to love buying diapers in bulk so I am not running to the store last minute to grab diapers for the kids, I always have extra packs of diapers stored in the closet. I would recommend the Simply Right Baby Care Products to anyone wanting to use disposable diapers, and the wipes as well!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

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