Solid Liquid Gas Unit Study ~ Gas

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Solid Liquid Gas Unit Study Idea

We have studied solids and liquids, and have now moved onto gasses to finish up the unit. I have added a new page to the website to hopefully make it easier to find all my free downloads I will update the page as I make more printables so check back often!  I am working on another new page as well to make it easier to find theme specific activities that will hopefully be finished by the end of the weekend.
This was our first experiment, watching the gas form in the cup. We followed Karen’s Albums for this experiment and we also filled a balloon with “gas” from the album to, but I didn’t manage to get any pictures while doing it.
I worked with Ethan using the solid, liquid, gas cards I made up. I would show him the picture and ask if it was a solid, liquid, or gas and then show him where to place it on the solid, liquid, gas mat, he was able to get most of them right. I didn’t get any pictures of this either since my focus was on working with him.
The older boys looked through National Geographic magazines and found solid, liquid, and gas pictures and glued them onto a piece of paper under the correct state of matter.
After our gas experiments, we got onto supercharged science and and watched a couple of the videos, and learned a little bit about the other 2 states of matter plasma, and BEC and of course more about the 3 main states of matter to. I have been very pleased with the program so far for the older boys they have really been enjoying it as well! The kids also used the cards and sorted them all into the correct place on the sorting mat.
Here is a snapshot of the “gas” cards I made. Click HERE to download the gas cards for FREE. To download the free solids, and liquids cards click HERE.
Here is a snapshot of the sorting mat to be used with the solid, liquid, gas cards.  Click HERE to download the sorting mat for FREE.
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