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Solid Liquid Gas Unit ~ Liquid Layers Experiment

We decided we would do 1 last liquid layers experiment before moving onto solids.  I found this great experiment HERE.
We started off by carefully measuring each liquid out, and pouring each liquid into it’s own glass.
Here is all of the liquids in their individual cups, Dustin labeled them for us.
We added food coloring to the water and Rubbing Alcohol, the rest were colored enough on their own and didn’t need any color added. After that you start by pouring the syrup into a tall glass cup, then carefully pour the soap down the side of the glass so the 2 don’t mix. For the next 3 liquids we used a spoon as far down in the glass as we could and carefully added the liquid to the spoon letting it pour over the sides like suggested in the experiment. We added the water, rubbing alcohol, and then finally the canola oil.  You must add all the liquids in the proper order or the layers will not come out, we learned that one the hard way and had to do the experiment a 2nd time.
This was the best picture I could get of the layers.
Liquid Layers Experiment
 We experimented by carefully putting a skewer into the glass and carefully looked at how the light was refracted different in different liquids. We also put a grape into the liquid and watched it “float.” Then we mixed the liquids together using the skewer and watched the top and bottom liquids separate and make layers again. I also discussed the information on the experiment website about Jupiter’s masses not mixing well like our thicker liquids. Over all this was a fun experiment and the kids enjoyed learning about the different densities and how they apply to our everyday lives and also a little bit about Jupiter.

Thank you for sharing!!


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