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Solid liquid gas unit ~ Liquids

Hello again, sorry it has been so long. Things have been busy around here as usual, kids have been passing around colds, and I just haven’t had the energy to do much blogging. But I have lots of things ready to post with what we have been working on the last couple weeks!

Last week we started our Solid Liquid Gas Unit. We started with a presentation on all 3 states of matter and we are planning on spending 2 days on each state of matter.

I checked out this book from the library to go with our unit, and we started our Monday circle time reading it. It is wonderful book that really explains solids, liquids, and gasses. At the start of each new state of matter we reread the book as well.
Next was our presentation on the introduction to all 3 states of matter from Karen’s Album. This is the matter tray that was used.
The next day we started onto Liquids. I gave the boys the Liquid presentation using some Liquid picture cards I made up. We talked about liquids and reread the liquid section in our book.  In preparation for our Solid demonstration on Thursday, we filled a balloon with liquid and put it into the freezer.
On Wednesday we spent time pouring blue colored water into different Christmas themed containers, and discussed how liquids takes the shape of whatever container it is poured into.  I left the demonstration up for a little bit and let the kids explore, they had such a great time with it.
The bucket the water was taken from, and the container to fill with water to pour into the containers.
How it was set up on the back porch.
I created some Solid, Liquid, and Gas Cards for the kids for our unit. I have added a file to download the liquid cards for FREE HERE for anyone who wants it, I just created the cards from images on the internet. I will be adding the solid and gas cards when those days are posted. Here is a screenshot of the file.


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