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Solid Liquid Gas Unit ~ Solids

We have been working on a solid liquid gas unit in our homeschool science class. After we did experiments with liquids, it was time to move onto solids. We used Karen’s Manuals for the first part of our solids presentations.
Here is the first “Solid” that was made
Anthony enjoying the cold solid.
 Here is another one that was made, each of the boys decided they needed to fill their own balloons. We let them sit out for our morning work period, and the boys wrote about what happened in their science journals.
We watched a couple videos on Super Charged Science (which I am trying out for the month for $1 and loving so far) about the molecules and atoms that come together to form the solids. We used pennies and a ruler to form “patterns” to see an example of how solids are formed, we closely examined salt to see it is formed into square shapes. Our last experiment was Rock Candy crystals, which I will post more about when they are done.
Below is a screenshot of the solid cards I made up, HERE is the link to download them for free!  The liquid cards can be found HERE on a previous post. I will be adding the Gas Cards, and Sorting Mat when I post about our Gas activities.

Thank you for sharing!!


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