Spring Sensory Bin

I have made a new spring sensory bin just in time for spring that for now, is in our big sensory bin, but it will be put into our new Sensory Table that Jake so wonderfully made for me this weekend once that has dried completely.
Whats Inside our Spring Sensory Bin:
Dirt from our yard as a filler
Fake flowers
A few bugs
2 metal watering cans
1 metal flower pot
1 small scoop
2 gardening shovels
1 garden spade
 I stored the flowers under the bin so he could add them as they wanted. First we had to dig in the dirt for a little bit, and then fill the flower pot and watering cans.


Ethan ended up digging in the dirt for quite a while before he decided to add some more flowers!
After he filled the flower pot and watering cans he added the rest of the flowers to the pots!
And then he said “here mommy this is for you” how sweet! I have a feeling this sensory bin will be used a lot by all of the boys!
Here are a couple of the Spring books we have been reading about spring.
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15 thoughts on “Spring Sensory Bin

    • Julie
      My son was obsessed with digging things up in the yard to, that was my inspiration for this sensory bin! So glad you are a new follower, I stopped by and am following your blog now to! Have a wonderful week!


    • Deb,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, they are always so appreciated. Also thanks for featuring our photo on your Gardening Activities. It is always an honor! Have a great week!


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