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St Patrick Day Activities

In the last week we were able to do a few new St Patrick Day activities so even though St. Patty’s day is done I figured I would share them anyway.
Cody and Anthony played a fun Leprechan Addition/Counting game from KidsSoup. This was a fun and simple game, using their printable board and a dice.
We have been working on our Leprechaun movement activity and some Leprechaun songs. Serena did the rainbow colors page with Gabe and Ethan one time with our colored bingo chips and once with fruit loops, I printed off a couple pages of this shamrock for Ethan to work on cutting and tracing. All of the activities were printed off from KidsSoup, which I do have a membership to and love it!
Ethan decorated his shamrock to be put on his locker at school.
For more great St. Patrick Day Ideas we have shared about stop over and visit our St Patrick Day activities page.

My St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board has lots more ideas as well!


Thank you for sharing!!



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