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Since Ethan still continues to love sensory bins, I continue to make them for him they are 1 thing that will calm him and help him focus better. I shared 1 of our other St. Patricks Day sensory bins not long ago. For this bin I just used water and water beads, but added a few extra St. Patrick’s Day goodies as well. The nice thing about water beads is that when you are done using them you can strain out the broken ones and let them dry out for another time. I love sensory mediums that can be used multiple times!!

St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin

What’s Inside The Bin?

We soak our water beads longer then you really should. My opinion would be to soak them for about 5-6 hours, when you do soak them past that time they tend to explode pretty easy. My kids however, enjoy them when they are really squishy, some of them get really big when soaked longer, and Ethan REALLY loves the sensory input of the water so we soak ours for a couple days. This means I have to strain out the broken ones, but thats just fine with me!

As you can see, as soon as the water beads have been soaking for only a short time and are still small the boys start playing with the bin.P1120265

The sifter we bought years ago for Montessori work is a perfect addition to the bin, both of the boys spent quite a bit of time sifting out the water beads from the water with it.P1120269

We brought out a paint tray to sort and store some of the beads in. You can see here they had been sitting for a while and had grown considerably in size. I love the colors in water beads, but wouldn’t suggest using them with children who still eat things unless you are going to give 100% supervision!
P1120276 P1120290 P1120295


Straining out the water and playing with just the beads adds a whole new sensory experience. Once the water is drained, they usually last for about 3-4 days before starting to dry out and it’s time to put them away for another time.P1120322

Getting out a couple of our Mason jars was lots of fun and the boys used them for hours. Of course I watched them to make sure they were not being rough with them, but Mason jars are pretty tough and have held up to being dropped from our counters before 😉P1120323 P1120306 P1120307

Gabe enjoys playing in our sensory bins, but he does not play in them nearly as much as Ethan does for sensory input.P1120271

Using the tongs to get out the water beads is great fine motor practice.P1120282
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  1. FUN!!! I’ve got to get on the ball and start decorating for St Patty’s Day. My husband’s family has Irish blood (Magee) so it’s important to me to teach my kids about where their family is from. 🙂


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