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Out theme last month for our Mother Goose Time was Science Lab. Both of the boys were so excited to be starting this unit all of my kids love all things science. As we have gone through this unit we have had a lot of fun learning all about different science topics.


Fun Learning About States Of Matter

One day we spent focused on the topic of states of matter. We actually continuously talked about different states of matter for quite a while after learning about it.

Liquid / Solid Blob

Starting out this activity the boys had to find things that were liquid and solid around the room. Once they finished that, we put a blob of glue onto some wax paper, then some sequins, and then the the yarn cut instead of making a hanger out of it.

When they made their blobs they realized that they were a liquid, if we were to pour them in a cup they would take the shape of a cup. We let them sit out and dry for a few hours and peeled them off of the wax paper. Once they were dry they were not a liquid anymore, they were a solid. This was such a fun project to teach the kids the difference of liquids and solids.

States of Matter-11 States of Matter-10

States of Matter-7 States of Matter-8 States of Matter-9

Molecule Discovery

For this activity the kids learned about molecules, in a few different ways. First we learned that liquid can change into the shape of their container but if we put a solid (blocks) in they do not change to the shape of their container. This was a great visual for the kids to see the difference between liquid and solids.

Once we finished that demonstration we worked on the molecule game. We talked about how the dots are closer together the more solid the matter (object) is. Lastly they rolled the provided dice and added beads to the game until their board was completely finished.

States of Matter-12 States of Matter-13 States of Matter-14

States of Matter-16 States of Matter-17

Therefore as always the boys loved doing these hands on learning ideas like Mother Goose Time always provides for the kids. It is amazing how well the kids retain the information when they are not just reading about a topic, but instead doing hands on learning ideas.


Wanting To Learn More About Mother Goose Time Curriculum?

In conclusion we have been using this program for over 2 years now. During that time I’ve shared many different posts other then just our monthly themes. Some of them are listed below for your convenience.


Finally, are you looking for other great science experiments and ideas? I have a whole Pinterest board just for all things Science, stop over to check out the other ideas on there.

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