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Because we love going to Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park we purchase a family membership almost every year and get lots of use out of it! We participated in one of the Members Only family events at Frederick Meijer Garden for Grandparents day a few weeks back. We enjoyed dinner and some fun activities after dinner while exploring the gardens.
Frederick Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park offers many activities year round, we have enjoyed the Butterflies for many years and went to see them 4 different times this year, we love cooling off on a hot day in the children’s gardens in the water, playing in the tree house, digging in the giant sand pit, we have watched blue herrons, ducks, and bevers on the boardwalk, seen some amazing sculptures while exploring the sculpture park that is always changing, and made so many family memories! At Christmas time they offer Christmas traditions from around the world we are excited to be going to this year.
It was a perfect day to play in the children’s gardens in the water since it was very hot!
Even the older kids couldn’t resist getting cooled off in the water from the Great Lakes Exhibit.
They enjoyed getting very misted from the rock to!
As you can see Cody was drenched by the time we were done in the Children’s Gardens 🙂
The senses garden is always a favorite, especially since the peppers were growing for the kids to “taste.”
After we were finished in the Children’s Gardens we took the boardwalk to the Farm for the popsicles! We seen mama and baby ducks, I couldn’t believe how dried up the pond was!
I think the kids could ring the dinner bell at the farm for hours!
The kids got free popsicles and Ethan really enjoyed his 🙂
Pumping water, Cody asked if he could climb into the tub of water haha.
During the summer the gardens offers fun activities for the kids, this night they hid eggs and had the kids fill their baskets with them.
Ethan waiting very patiently while they hide the eggs!
And their off!
Serena decided to skip the egg finding and draw on the sidewalk instead 🙂

Thank you for sharing!!



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