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Since we have been working to remove all processed food from our diet, I have been learning how to can everything I can. The last week the strawberries in the area became ripe last Monday, so on Tuesday I headed out to a local organic pick your own strawberries with 7 kids.

It took us about 2 hours to get them picked and ended up with almost 100 pounds of strawberries, no joke!! So if you were wondering what 100 pounds of strawberries looked like today is your lucky day  ;-)!

Strawberries_1 P1060727

All the kids had so much fun, and there were tons of ripe ones on all the plants!


Strawberries_3 Strawberries_4 P1060731

Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_1 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_2 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_3

Gabe had fun, but picked a lots of the green ones  😉 .

Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_3 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_4 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_5

Serena and Hailey decided they wanted to go off on their own  🙂 .
Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_6 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_6 Strawberries_3 Strawberries_4 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_7

Gabe, decided he was going to help Hailey (the neighbor girl) and wanted nothing
Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_8 P1060744

After a while of picking Ethan decided that it was fun to find spots that he could hop between rows.Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_9 Strawberry_Picking_With_Kids_9

Here are all that we picked. With 8 of us it took about 2 hours to pick almost 100 pounds!



Of course after picking them we had to carry them back to the van. One great reason to have so many kids there to help!!P1060749 P1060750 P1060751

Don’t they look so amazing!!
P1060752 Strawberries_9

All 7 crates of strawberries!! As you can see even soon after we got home there were tons already eaten by the kids. Within the first day we had almost 10 pounds gone!



Of course since picking 100 pounds of strawberries we have spent a better part of the week preserving strawberries, making jam, and making lots of great strawberry recipes! Stop over later in the week for some of our delicious strawberry recipes.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. We did this last weekend! Although we only bought 25lbs..LOL. I do plan on getting more before the season is done. I hope you didn’t throw away the green tops…there is more vitamin C in the tops than in the actual strawberry, so we freeze the tops to throw into smoothies and I dehydrated some and powdered them to toss in a teaspoon to two into soups and stews.

    • Katie
      Hey even 25lbs is a lot of work! I di not know about using the green tops, the only thing we utilize was a strawberry huller to make sure they didn’t get to much of the strawberry when removing the greens. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. Yum it looks like you guys had a great time! We love going strawberry picking – ours will be ripe in the middle of June here, so we are waiting patiently! Nothing better than fresh strawberries – great job!


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