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Fun and Cheap Summer Activities To Keep Kids Busy

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During the summer our homeschool schedule looks different from the regular school year. We don’t do all of our studies, but we do some of them. We also add in a bunch of fun activities on most days of the week to keep things fun and learn in a more “unconventional” way. Here is a look at some of the fun summer activities we will be doing this summer.

100 Epic Kids Summer Avtivities

What Our Summer Schedule Will Look Like

I usually do certain activities on certain days during the summer. For example “What’s Cooking Wednesday” we would make something together. With me watching certain kids only a couple days a week I am switching things around each week, then everyone can enjoy all the different fun activities.

1 Day during the week we will

  • Make something together in the kitchen.
  • Do some type of arts or craft project.
  • Find a fun activity off of my Summer Fun Pinterest board to do.
  • Watch a movie together, relax for the day, or go on a field trip.
  • Do some type of sensory activity.

On the weekends we will be doing the following:

  • Every Saturday morning is spent at the local farmers market doing our weekly fresh produce shopping.
  • Attending different festivals or events.
  • Spending time with our family and friends.
  • Plan nothing because we will need some time to just relax and enjoy doing nothing.

100 FUN Summer Activities For Kids

I am putting together a list of different ideas we will be using during the summer. I’m doing this so I can reference it throughout the summer, and so that other mom can find some great ideas too.

Summer Recipe Ideas

So for our summer recipes, I was pretty picky on which recipes I choose for this list. There are a couple reasons for this. #1 we have removed all sugar from our diet except Truvia or Xylitol sugar. That means any products with sugar in them is a big no-no for us. Did you know even ketchup has added sugar? It was a big change for us, and hard the first few weeks but we have been reaping the health benefits since.

Any of the recipes that have added sugar we will just be adding in our approved sugar, we can occasionally after a workout have raw honey too. So we may be substituted with that sometimes as well.

We also have almost removed all grains from our diet, with a few exceptions. #1 we eat sprouted bread occasionally as well as very occasionally eating flat outs or whole grain noodles. We have done this because grains turn into sugar in our bodies and we have removed sugars.

Any of the recipes that I have added that have bread we will be using sprouted grain bread (Ezekial) in place. There are a couple recipes that involve other “bread” food. For those, we will make our own, and use our gluten free flour we get from Costco that is also very occasionally used in our house.

  • Apple cookies. For these, we would add chocolate chips made with Xylitol.

  • Healthy Summer Lunch. We use sprouted bread that we eat occasionally, so we will be using that to make the butterfly sandwiches.


25 Summer Arts and Craft Ideas

This list will be of 25 general arts and craft ideas, perfect for summer. The week before Father’s Day the kids will be working on making DIY gifts to give Dad’s as gifts. The week before 4th of July we will be choosing some of THESE great ideas to makes some patriotic craft ideas. I also shared a huge list of over 50 different summer arts and craft ideas that have some really great summer arts and craft ideas for kids.

25 Summer Sensory Ideas

We have so much fun with sensory play with the kids. We have done everything from colored frozen ice cubes to excavating toys from ice. Here is a great list of 25 different sensory ideas perfect for summer!!

Summer Activities

There are SO many fun summer activities to do with kids. I have put together this list of 25 great summer activities to use, for me to make a fun summer schedule for the kids that will be here.

  • Glow in the dark ring toss using glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets.

These should be plenty of amazing summer kids activities to keep us busy for the whole summer! I’m sure we will make so many great memories this summer, and that the kids will have so much fun. There will also be plenty of pool time, spending time relaxing in our hammock or spider web swing and many other fun this we will be doing along with these fun summer activities. You can follow us over on Instagram to keep up with all the fun summer activities that we are doing.

More Fun Kids Summer Activities

Many of my ideas came from my Summer Fun Ideas for Kids Pinterest board. Head over and check it out for other great summer activities, be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all the great ideas I share with my 60,000+ followers!

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Summer Fun Ideas on Pinterest.

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Thank you for sharing!!


    • Maggy,
      Thank you so much, I’m glad to hear you like the list. Your lanterns look like so much fun to make, we are excited about making them! Have a blessed week!!


  1. These are some pretty awesome ideas to keep the family entertained throughout the summer and other times. I found plenty of ideas I want to do with my own kids as well from your list, so thank you.

  2. Lots of great ideas! We have been trying to cut sugar out of our diets too (maybe not fully but cut back dramatically) and I am loving all these wonderful, healthy snack ideas. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.


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