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So it was another hot and humid day, I decided to take the water toys out and fill the water table and the little pool for the little boys, everyone but Gabe spent most of the day in the big pool, but Ethan decided to come and join Gabe for a little bit, life jacket and all. The life jacket Ethan is wearing is called a “puddle jumper” and has been a blessing to us, it doesn’t make the kids tip back as bad in the water and makes them feel more comfortable.
We brought out the beaters, a couple turkey basters, kids watering can, small buckets, funnels, and a couple bath tub toys.  Ethan decided that turkey basters make good squirt guns lol.
I fill a big bucket with water put the water wheels into dollar store tubs and the kids pour till the tubs are full and then I help them pour it back into the big bucket, of course there is always lots of water that ends up on the ground, and then we play in the mud puddles!
The Pirate water table, so I was very excited last summer to be able to buy the pirate water table, I was sadly disappointed, it is a water table which is the only good thing about it, and why it still gets used.  First off the plug in it is very hard to get to stay in and pops out all the time, and the mast in the middle gets clogged all the time and stops working, I have had 3 new ones sent only to have the same problem within 3 uses, so I just gave up.
The kids playing in the big pool! This has been a wonderful investment, it gets used on a regular basis and is not very deep so I don’t worry as much, we did put a salt water system on instead of using chemicals and it has saved me sooo much time, we dump the salt in at the beginning of the year and a little more half way through the summer and that is all we ever have to do!
Dustin got the volleyball net out of the shed and set it up the other day, I was pretty proud of him, he did a great job! Widgets

Thank you for sharing!!



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