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Montessori Summer Practical Life Activities

With summer here, I put together a few Montessori Summer Practical Life activities for the kids.

Here we used mini zoo animal erasers, and separated them into bowls with the orange tweezers.  Ethan also enjoyed loading them into the circular tongs and and putting a bunch into the bowls.

Here the kids used tongs to separate pom poms into the bowls according to Big, Medium, and Small.  It was a little harder for Ethan, but Cody and Ethan enjoyed it!

Here the kids used tongs to pick up the spiky balls and transfer to the matching bowl.  We did not have any blue spiky balls so we used the purple for blue instead.  Cody, Anthony, and Ethan all had fun doing this!

So I know its not tonging, but it was adapted so Gabe could participate in all the fun.  We tried smaller tongs and they ended up causing to many problems, so the hands work fine.  I showed him how to transfer from one to the other then back into the other one, he followed pretty good!  The older kids use tongs or bigger tweezers for this work, depending on their skill level.

Here are the containers up close.
Supply List
  • The 2 white containers are from a local thrift shop for $.30 a piece!  I love thrift shops for montessori stuff!!
  • Pom poms are from Discount School Supply
  • The place mat are from the local Dollar Tree
  • Clear bowls from local Dollar Tree
  • The ice cream bowls are from the local Dollar Tree
  • Orange Tweezers are from a game
  • The tongs I purchased at Montessori-N-Such
  • Zoo animal erasers are from Oriental Trading Company
  • The spiky balls are from Oriental Trading Company

Thank you for sharing!!


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