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Supercharged Science is a complete online science curriculum. That has over 900 videos available and is a full science curriculum for children ages K-12. They offer lessons that cover each and every learning types Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Digital. They offer text downloads and readings about the experiments which is great for the digital learners, kinesthetic and visual learners will appreciate and get the most use out of the videos and build the projects, and the auditory learner will enjoy the tele classes and videos. They have a huge amount of resources available to each of the subscribers, so much that they give you only a portion of the program to access at first and slowly add more through out the subscription period.

How Do You Use Supercharged Science e-program?Supercharged Science has so much to offer, to be honest it can be overwhelming if you don’t follow Aurora’s instructions on how to use the e-science program in this video. Let me walk you through the program, after creating your account, you will log into the e-science program which is located on the right sidebar. After logging in for the first time the best place to start would be on the menu under the “Getting Started” tab in the dropdown menu. All of the sections in the getting started tab will further introduce you to the program, show you how it works, and then has a few science experiments to get started with right away, and they are so cool in will more then likely draw your kids in!

If you have any questions, want to help your child succeed, or understand the program better, they have a few different areas you can go to learn more about
  • What Exactly is Science?
  • What does My Child Really Need To Learn In Science?
  • 7 Biggest mistakes made in teaching Science.
  • Common Misconceptions and Myths in Science textbooks revealed.
  • 6 Keys To Teaching Homeschool Science,
  • Secrets From Successful Teachers.
  • Educational Games That Teach.
  • Easy Steps to Award Winning Science Projects.

Once you have finished learning about the program, you will move onto the different science Units. They do not give you access to the complete program to start with because they do not want parents to feel overwhelmed. To start you are given access to 7 different units and then each month you are given access to 2 new units. Each of the units has approximately 60-80 experiments for your students to do. If you want to have access to a certain unit early just email Aurora and they will open up that unit for you right away!

The e-science program contains lessons in 19 different key science areas. Each unit can take anywhere from weeks to months to complete, depending on your child’s interest in the subject and what experiments they choose to do. The Units found inside the e-science program are:
  1. Mechanics
  2. Motion
  3. Matter
  4. Energy Part 1
  5. Energy Part 2
  6. Sound
  7. Astrophysics
  8. Chemistry Part 1
  9. Light
  10. Electricity
  11. Magnetism
  12. Alternative Energy
  13. Thermodynamics
  14. Electronics
  15. Chemistry Part 2
  16. Life Science 1
  17. Life Science 2
  18. Biology 1
  19. Biology 2
They also offer a few extra lessons to help students and parents out they are
  • How To Do the scientific Method
  • Unit Zero a unit on how to use e-Science
  • Science E-Camp
  • Math
  • Science Fair Projects ~where your students can go through an figure out how to build an award winning Science Fair Project.
They also offer some Advanced Science Lessons which include:
  • Alternative Energy
  • Crystal Radio
  • Fruit Batteries
  • Hovercraft
  • Linear Accelerator
  • Measuring The Speed Of Light
  • Quick Rocketry
  • ROV Underwater Robot

When you click on the picture of the unit you would like to work on it brings you to the main page for that lesson. The first thing you see is a video on the page, this is an introductory video that lets you know the key points that will be taught in that unit. Below the video on most of the lessons there is a tele-class you can download of the lessons being taught to a group of students. Inside each of the e-science units you have the following available to you:

  • Getting Started~ Includes a few paragraphs of what will be learned in the unit. They also include a short video where Aurora explains the different things that children will learn in the lesson. This video is a great way for kids to get excited about what they will be learning in the unit!
  • Unit Lesson Plans~ The amount of pages varies from 20 pages to over 100 pages in the lesson plans and is for you to use when planning out the lessons for your students. The lesson plans gives you Unit descriptions, textbook reading, key concepts, exercises, quizzes, vocabulary, and more!
  • Video of Each Lesson~ Each of the different lessons within the unit has a video that explains the lessons.
  • Experiments~ This program contains many experiments for your student to try, you can do the experiments that you have the materials for, or if your student is really interested in a specific topic you can stay on that topic for a while longer and have your student try all the experiments listed.
  • Highlights~ In this section they have information about the Unit topic and then list some questions for your student to try and answer before the end of the unit.
  • End Of Unit Check~ When your student has finished a unit they have a quiz for the student to take to insure your child has picked up and understands the concepts being taught.

The e-science program has included many different options for you to find out what materials are needed for each of the units experiments, so you can easily choose experiments that you have the materials for. Start with the experiments you already have the materials around the house for, by looking at each of the units needed materials this is very easy to figure out! They have even included links to some of the harder to find science materials so you are not having to search all over for some of the harder to find materials.

What Did We Think Of Supercharged Science?

Cody (11) and Dustin (13) have been using Supercharged e-Science program as their main science program for just over 5 weeks now and have been work on the program 5 days a week. The science projects that go along with the lessons were done together and the lessons they each did independently. They did most of the lessons without my help other then teaching them how to use the program and guiding them on what to do at first. Both of the boys area loving the program and will continue to use it as their main science curriculum!

Here is pictures from just a few of the fun experiments the boys have done in the last 5 weeks.

Dustin and Cody made Rock Candy.
Here is one of the final rock candies the boys made!
The catapult ~ all of the boys had a great time making these!!

This program is all you will need to get your students excited about science this program draws your kids in enticing them to want to learn Science and the how and why’s of each of the experiments. I really like that they offer so many ways your student can learn about each of the concepts, I have some kids that love the videos and hands of experiments, but I also have a couple kiddos that would rather just read the information for themselves the e-science program has resources available for each of them! Another feature of the program that is great is that they offer a huge range of curriculum, so I can use the program not only with my 5 year old but for my 14 year old as well, all for 1 monthly price! They have many experiments so we can choose the ones we have the materials for or can easily get, they have even listed where you can find some of the hard to find materials.I would recommend Supercharged E-Science program to any parent looking for a way to teach science to students in a unique and amazingly memorable way. Your students will pick up on the concepts and really understand the lessons and concepts being taught in a way that will amaze you!

What Is The Cost Of Supercharged Science?
Supercharged Science is available in 2 different options K-8th grade membership and 9-12th and advanced 5-8th grade plus the K-8th membership each of the memberships are paid for on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time:

K-8th grade membership ~ $37.00/month
9-12th & Advanced 5-8th grade (also includes K-8) ~ $57.00/month

They offer some FREE science guide with over 30 fun activities to find out if the program is right for you!!

Stop over and see what fellow crew members had to say about Supercharged Science, some of our members reviewed the High School level of the program as well!!


Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this! I’ve started homeschooling kids and my oldest is 2, but I LOVE learning about all the fun options there are now! Anyway, stopping by from UBP (finally, I know–was on vacation!). Have a great day!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing this! I’ve started homeschooling kids and my oldest is 2, but I LOVE learning about all the fun options there are now! Anyway, stopping by from UBP (finally, I know–was on vacation!). Have a great day!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this! I’ve started homeschooling kids and my oldest is 2, but I LOVE learning about all the fun options there are now! Anyway, stopping by from UBP (finally, I know–was on vacation!). Have a great day!


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