Thank you for sharing!!

I am posting to ask for prayers and understanding for our family right now. The last couple weeks have been such a roller coaster, there have been so many  things that need my attention outside of the house, and I haven’t been getting on here as much, also our school schedule hasn’t been what it normally is at all. Despite struggling with health problems quite bad the last few weeks, yesterday morning after many years of fighting my mother joined the angels in heaven. She had been fighting lots of health problems for many years, and is somewhere she is no longer suffering anymore and that is what is bringing us peace during this sad time.  I will be taking a break from blogging for a little bit and be spending my extra time with the people who need me right now and getting things taken care of over here. I will be checking my email if someone needs to get a hold of me. Thanks for your understanding!

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. […] a liver due to Lupus complications, and we all were watching her slip down hill fast, in February she went to be with God and have a life with no more pain. It has been a relief knowing she is no longer in pain for once […]


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