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Did you know that only 36% of kids graduating are ready for college level science? By 2018 the United States will be 3 million high skilled workers short in the science field. Our country is falling further and further behind in educating children in the science. In my opinion this is because we are not sparking the love of learning in our children. We are teaching many of our children to take a test, and not to enjoy and retain what they are learning.

No matter if you homeschool your children or if they go to public schools, you can instill a love for learning for your children. There are many different ways to do this. One way that I feel strongly about doing this is teaching kids using hands on learning methods from a young age. Using hands on learning ideas, bringing your children right out into nature and have them learn about the living things around them.

50+ Terrific Activities To Get Kids Excited About STEAM

This is exactly what the STEAM Kids book offers parents, many fun hands on learning activities for kids that really engage them. These activities spark the love for learning that our kids need. We have been loving this book so much, we have decided to put away our science book for a while and work through the projects found inside the book instead.


One of the super fun activities teaches kids how to make their own circuit bugs. It also teaches them about circuits, wiring, following directions, and even some fine motor work. My boys have enjoyed these circuit bugs so much! They have continued to use these easy to make bugs in all kinds of imaginative play for weeks now. You have to try these with your kids, I’m sure they will absolutely love it!!

Since my amazing hubby is great with all things electronics, I thought he would be the perfect person to work on this project with the boys. I sure was right, he knew exactly how to explain things to the boys about the why’s and how’s of this project. He really got their attention as you will see in the photos below.



circuit-bugs-7 circuit-bugs-8 circuit-bugs-9 circuit-bugs-10 circuit-bugs-11

circuit-bugs-12 circuit-bugs-13 circuit-bugs-14

As you can see the boys were so proud of their bugs.

circuit-bugs-15 circuit-bugs-17

circuit-bugs-4 circuit-bugs-5

It didn’t take very long for the boys to make these great circuit bugs. As you can see from the photos they really enjoyed making them and were so proud of themselves when they were finished. In the STEAM Kids book they have over 50 different projects ideas for kids. You can pick and choose according to how much time you have, what materials you have on hands, age level, or more.


50+ STEAM Projects For Kids

Want to learn how to make your own circuit bugs and teach your child science concepts that will engage them? Get your copy of STEAM Kids to get the full directions for this and over 50 more projects. It is a wonderful resource to get your kids excited about STEAM activities.


There are a couple ways you can purchase the STEAM Kids book. 

  1. Purchase the PDF and get it delivered right away for only $14.99.
  2. Purchase the physical book from over on Amazon and wait for it to be shipped to you for $23.40.

Disclaimer: We were given a copy of STEAM Kids in order to share our honest opinions of the book we only share products or resources we use and love in our home. We have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. This post contains affiliate links, which we receive a small portion of any purchase you make using these links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting us!! I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Regulations, read my FULL Disclosure policy for more information.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. That looks like a fabulous book! I know when we first began our homeschooling my oldest who was just finishing 2nd grade at the time asked if we could do science every day since they were only getting to do science projects once a month at school and he really liked science. I thought it was so sad that such a fun subject was put on the back burner so our school could focus more on reading/ LA and math. You can bet we’ve had a little bit of science in our days until they begged me to take a break. LOL. Pinned.


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