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With Thanksgiving next week Ethan and Gabe have been working with 2 different sets of Thanksgiving Number Cards Both sets of the counting cards were purchased from Montessori Print Shop. They have been a great way to practice counting, number recognition, and Thanksgiving vocabulary!

Ethan has really been enjoying the Thanksgiving counting cards, he pulls them out almost daily and uses them. I have each of the groups of cards all paper clipped together and stored in a little plastic bag with the name on the front so I know what they are at a quick glance. For these cards we counted each of the different card groups, figured out what number they belonged with and the placed them under that number, we used our DIY Montessori Number Cards instead of the number cards that came with the counting cards.

Here he is counting his row when he was done with it very seriously!
Adding the last set of pictures under the number 10.
Of course the tongue out when working because counting all the counter is a lot of work 🙂

The second set of cards is the one that I have been working on with Gabe. We count the pictures on the cards and then he puts clothespins onto the pictures. He hasn’t been into them as much as I hoped but he has used them a couple times. I purchased the Thanksgiving Counting Cards from Montessori Print Shop.

For more ideas stop over and check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board. 

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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I love this …I will try this with my 4 year old tomorrow. Its so great when kids are able to see how many 4 really is. The pins and the thanksgiving pictures really help children understand numbers. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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