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We spent a couple days learning about our 5 senses to finish out our Human Body unit.

We used both books to learn about our senses.
I added the 5 Senses cards to our Science shelves this week, I printed them off from Montessori Print Shop. On the right you can see the control of error, so they can easily check their answers.
I also have been reading through the toddler 5 senses books I made, with Gabe.

1. Smell

Cody made our smelling eggs by adding 2 cotton balls with a different scent in each egg, the kids had to the guess the scent, and then Cody went over the answers when they were all finished.
The kids worked on a couple pages from EdHelper about our sense of smell.

2. Taste

Serena was in charge of our tasting tray. She used a variety of different items and had the kids decide if they were sweet, sour or bitter, blindfolded of course. Dustin tasted the salt and almost lost it, saying how he thought it was gasoline lol.


The kids did a few pages on the sense of taste, from EdHelper.

3. Hear

Dustin was in charge of making our sound containers, by adding different items to each container and having the kids shake each one and guess what was inside. He did such a good job only 2 container were people able to guess what was in them.


We played a game of Nursery Rhyme bingo one afternoon during our break time. It is a fun game for little ones, and my bigger kids enjoy it to. Play the included CD of nursery rhymes, the kids listen and see if they have that nursery rhyme on their Bingo card, if they do they cover the picture with one of the bingo chips, until one of the kids fills up their whole card. The game is recommended for ages 4+ but Ethan has been able to play the game since he was about 3 years old, I may have to pause the cd once and a while for him to be able to keep up, but he has still really enjoyed the game!
Here is a look at the board game, there are 12 different boards they can choose from.




I also printed off a couple pages for Ethan, since he has been asking to work on some pages like the big kids. I found some preschool pages for him at, he was able to follow the directions and complete both pages wonderfully!
This page was color all the things you can hear.  It was downloaded from kids soup.

4. Touch

We re explored the Montessori touch boards and pressure cylinders, which I didn’t get pictures of because I forgot to charge my camera..
We made some touch eggs. They will be added to our shelves up till Easter.
This page was circle all the hard items, and cross out all the soft items. Found at
Worksheets from EdHelper about the sense of touch.

5. Sight

Friday morning I decided I needed something to keep the 2 little boys busy while I got things set up for our Friday art project in the afternoon, and helped the older kids get their independent work done. It was raining outside so I had to think of something indoors. I have seen this idea a few different times on Pinterest done by other moms, and decided to give it a try. Ethan enjoyed the noodle track for quite a while, Gabe however thought it was fun for about 5 min, not even enough time for me to get a picture of him.


We tried using bouncy balls, ping pong balls, and marbles. Of the 3 I would suggest the marbles if your little one can be trusted not to but them in their mouth.
We read and went over the questions to the book on Hellen Keller from edhelper, and then each of the kids made braille tablets of their name using glue.


DEBATE: Which is better sense of hearing or sense of sight.

Serena and Dustin have been working on Intermediate Language Lessons, and they had to hold a debate today. Serena’s side hearing is better than seeing. Dustin’s debate seeing is better than hearing. Both of them did research into their sense and did a pretty good job arguing their cases at dinner.
There were a couple different things to add to our Human Body Lapbooks, so the kids worked to add those this week as well. Here is the free download for the younger kids human body lapbook, and the older kids free human body lapbook, we used a mixture of the 2 lapbooks.
My Human Body: Senses Pinterest board is full of all kinds of the 5 senses fun! Stop by and check it out.

My 5 Senses– Learning about my world- 10 day lesson plan on the 5 senses has a very large list of sensory recipes and ideas to go along with any of the 5 senses

Brain Pop has a 5 senses online game for kids

Gryphon House has 4 days worth of activities from the Giant Encyclopedia For Science Activities

Kids Soup has a 5 senses theme that contains many fun games and activities.

Little Giraffes Has lots of fun 5 senses idea that were used in a classroom

Cool Kids Craft Ideas has lots of 5 senses sensory ideas
Enchanted Learning has a 5 senses theme unit with lots of 5 senses ideas in all areas of study
Stop by and check out all the great blogs I am linked up with. Widgets

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Love these ideas. I will have to bookmark this post for future reference. We are using My Father’s World this coming year and I know there is a unit about “Us” focusing on the 5 senses I believe.
    Love those touch eggs. Hope it is okay if I pin some of this.

    I found your blog by your link up over at Happy Whimsical Hearts with your jelly bean cupcakes. Nice to meet you. (Hoping you can stop by and share that post on my Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen)

  2. Wow, this looks like it was alot of fun for your kids! How cool. I’m sure kids learn alot through activities such as the ones you did.

    P.S. I was homeschooled myself. 🙂


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