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Winter came late for us this year, by the end of December we had maybe received 3″ of snow! Well we are making up for it now, the first day of spring we got a snow storm. There are no days that will get above 40′ for the next 10 day. I don’t mind winter but I would be very happy if it would just warm up. My boys are starting to go stir crazy, they are still going outside but not staying out for as long because it is still so cold!

There is something about the winter snow after it’s fallen that is just so beautiful! Here are some pictures from the morning after our first big snowfall of the year.
The boys have spent lots of time doing manual labor aka shoveling the driveway this winter 🙂 Since Dustin thought he would be helpful and fix the lawn mower rope by cutting the one from the snow blower which made the lawn mower work, but now the snowblower hasn’t been working all winter…

Trenching through the snow after a big snow storm has been one of Ethan’s favorite things to do in the snow he loves to be the first one to make tracks through the snow. It is also a great sensory workout so he is able to get so much of his energy out! This year is the first year Ethan has been able to stay outside for a longer period of time. Because he doesn’t feel pain in previous years he would go outside take his gloves off and play in the snow, and when I noticed I would have him come in and warm his hands up because they were close to frostbite and he never even notices.

The boys worked on building a huge snow fort this year, they worked on making the fort for many hours!Here is one of the doorways to the snow fort.



Here is the other doorway, they took an old painting, trophy, and a few more things and made their own snow house 🙂


This is the other side of the fort.

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