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Brainfood Learning offers wonderful DVD’s to help enhance learning for your kids. We had the honors of reviewing The Fascinating World Of Insects DVD for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and this has been a DVD the kids have loved and one I haven’t minded the kids watching!!


Because the boys love collecting insects from around the yard, I thought this DVD would be a perfect fit for my boys. The Fascinating World of Insects DVD offers a view of many different types of insects, but adds in other learning aspects into the DVD that make it a fun learning experience for kids.

Insects is something we always have in cages in our house, well except during the winter months! The boys just love catching, inspecting, and the releasing different insects.

Here are a few of our favorite insects they love catching each year.

Here is a cicada that Dustin caught he actually took a video of one shedding it’s layer of skin. He catches hundreds of these every year lets them dry out and lets them fly away.












Beetles are found all over they yard, well if the chickens don’t find them first…


We have took in some eggs off of our milkweed and raised monarch caterpillars into butterflies and then released them.






Dustin and his pet praying mantis.


Ethan caught his first dragon fly at the nature trails.
Ethan caught his first dragon fly at the nature trails.


A container full of grasshoppers


The DVD integrates learning right into the video, for example it counts different things for kids (to help the younger ones with counting) like the number of antennae or legs on some of the insects it also shows the words on the video for kids to read while they say it. They show many different science words through the movie and then give the definitions to the kids, so they are even learning different science vocabulary while watching a fun video.

We used the DVD a couple different ways, first off the little boys watched the video a few different times while I was working on school with the older kids or getting things done around the house. Secondly I used it as a learning tool with my older kids for them to be able to learn new scientific definitions and more information about insects.

I also really enjoyed the lesson plans available on their website to go along with the DVD’s. The lesson plans were a great help in adding as many possible learning aspects to the DVD while still having fun. They give 5 days of instruction which includes a daily list of questions, writing prompts, and other fun learning activities that my kids really enjoyed!

Some of the printable work pages included in the lesson plans are sentences that the kids have to listen for in the DVD and then circle the proper word that fits, insect sorting cards with beautiful pictures of insects, vocabulary practice pages, and a quiz for the kids to take at the end of the unit to make sure they picked up on the concepts being taught.

All of my boys enjoyed the video. I would recommend this to any parent that has a visual learner or even just to play for kids TV time so they can learn and watch TV. It incorporates learning into a fun video for kids of all ages. I can say we will be getting some more of these videos in the future, and it gets a 2 thumbs up from my kids and myself!

Here is a short video from BrainFood Learning about The Fascinating World Of Insects

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