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The Importance of Teaching Kids How To Type When Homeschooling

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Disclaimer: I received TypeKids for free and was compensated for writing this post. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. Please read my full disclosure policy for more information.

In today’s day and age, computers, and technology tend to rule the roost. While paper and pencil learning is still around, it seems like a lot of the homeschool programs and learning are becoming more technologically advanced and computer-based. One of the fears of those who homeschool their children? That they won’t be as advanced in computers or other technology kills as children who have attended public school. I can attest that this is 100% false. One program that I use to teach my children how to type and learn the ins and outs of the keyboard? TypeKidsKidzType Teaching Kids How To Type Pinterest

Why I use TypeKids to Teach my Homeschool Children How to Type

I’ve been using TypeKids for quite some time, and I think that it’s a great program for children to use to learn how to type. I love how easy it is to use and it’s simple enough that even my kids can navigate around their platform without any issues.

What I love most about it? There are varying lessons that teach and test my kid’s typing abilities to see how much they are learning and retaining.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not expecting them to be the best typists in the world, but I want them to be able to function at a level that is comfortable for them. TypeKids teaches that and so much more.

KidzType Online Typing Program For Kids-1

One other aspect that I’ve noticed at TypeKids? The program does an amazing job at building up the confidence on my homeschooled children. Each lesson teaches them and then lets them show their skills, allowing them to build on the prior lesson and get better and better.

Watching your child see their accomplishments from their hard work is amazing, and you can literally see their confidence grow right in front of your eyes.

What are the benefits of learning how to type at a young age?

The sooner that children can learn how to type, the sooner that they’ll start to communicate more by typing because they have confidence in their abilities.

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Some benefits of learning how to type at a young age can be:

  • Increase in confidence
  • Improvement in motor skills
  • Ability to type quicker than others as they age

If your child can have an advantage over others in the typing realm as they continue to age, why not?

KidzType Online Typing Program For Kids-5

How does TypeKids work?

TypeKids does all the hard work for you and teaches your child how to type with 30 varying lessons. Along with typing skills, your child will also learn the importance of having good posture when typing as well as being involved in fun and interactive exercises.

Every time your child passes a typing level, they will be rewarded with a badge. As their parent, you’ll have access to progress reports to show how they are improving from lesson to lesson.

Interested in trying out TypeKids? You should be!

There is no better time than now to give TypeKids a try! And as a matter of fact, you’ll get three free lessons for your child to see if their program is something that works well with your teaching methods and your child’s learning methods.

If you are in love with the typing program after your three free lessons are complete, you can then pay a one time fee of $89.95 to upgrade to get all the lessons.

Don’t delay in this getting this awesome typing program. It’s the perfect way for your child to learn how to type and be able to tie it in with your other homeschooling lessons. The more lessons that they have, the better they’ll get and before you realize it, they’ll be finishing up their lessons and completing the entire typing course!

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