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Things That Go Unit

We started our new theme, that we will be on for the next couple weeks Transportation & Things That Go. It will be the last theme we do before we start our Fall themes in preparation for the Pumpkin Patch field trip and Halloween.
Practical Life:
Take one of the transportation buttons and thread them on one of the glitter pipe cleaners.
Use the chopsticks or the tweezers to pick up 1 of the transportation bandz and put it into the clear bowl.
Pouring from one container to another. I have been working with Gabe on keeping the non dominate hand under so he has more control with the pouring, but he only remembers half the time. There was a couple days this week that Gabe worked with this for on and off over 2 hours!  Can we say sensitive period??  Soooo expect to see lots of pouring works on our shelves for a while!!

For this activity the kids can use the chop sticks, tweezers, or just their hands to take the glitter red, yellow, and green pom poms and place 1 in each compartment of the ice cube tray. Another extension Anthony showed me this week is to make a pattern in the top set of compartments and then match the pattern in the bottom set. The pom poms are stored in the white bowls when not in use.

Gabe using his hands and carefully placing each one into the ice cube tray.
I cut a few pages of red, yellow, and green paper into 1” strips for Ethan to practice cutting this week. I put the strips, scissors, and a bowl on the tray for him to cut the strips into.  This is the first time he has held scissors the proper way! Next week we are going to be using the pieces to make a Stop Light Collage.
This activity was something I just threw together for Gabe one day during school when he has a 2 minute attention span and was continuously throwing everything off the shelves. It is just a parmesan cheese container flipped open and q-tips to drop in the holes. I did stay very close while he did this due to the fact that he still likes to put the q-tips in his ears.
These are some of the books on our shelf and in our diaper bag for now. I always bring a few of the books with us when we go to doctor appointments, along with a bag of play doh and some Hot Wheel cars, they make our frequent doctor appointments more bearable.
This has been an all time favorite book for all the little boys, I found it a while ago at Sam’s club for quite cheap. It is a very simple book with lots of colorful real life pictures and the names.
These are some transportation themed printables, follow the lines, color the “c” cupcakes, and use clay to make the shape of the letter “c.” All of which were found at
 I used a bunch of printouts from Homeschool Creations Police Man Lapbook this week. She has a wonderful selection of some great printouts!! Gabe stayed busy for a while a few days with a dry erase marker and one of the printouts that I printed off!
Ethan colored and then glued the cover on his Police Man/Transportation Lapbook, all of the printouts he has added so far are also from the Police Man Lapbook from Homeschool Creations.
While Anthony was using the sand tray for his spelling, Ethan kept telling me that he wanted to try. So after Anthony was done I took out one of the sand paper letters, showed him how to spell it in the sand and then very gently shake it to make some more. This was what he came up with, it was backwards, but sure looked pretty good.
We worked on the color Resemblance Sorting Task a few times this week, I decided to only do 2 at a time so he wasn’t overwhelmed, every week he does good I will add another one in for him to work with, until he can do them all.
Other things we worked with this week were the Knobbed & Knobless Cylinders, Rough and Smooth Boards, and the Pink Tower.
I did the flashlight presentation concrete and abstract this week and boy did Ethan enjoy it. He wore the batteries out of 3 flashlights by the end of the first day, he can now put together and take apart a flashlight, and he keeps telling me righty tighty, lefty loosey mom 🙂
Transportation counters sorted into Land, Air, Water
Anthony and Ethan working with the transportation counters. Anthony would have Ethan take one out of the bowl and ask while pointing to the labels, “does it go on land, air, or water, then Ethan would put it where it would go. By the end of the week (because he got so much help from his big brothers,) I would lay the labels out and tell him what they were, and he would go through and put them all where they went.
I put number cards 1-5 out with some links and added control of error, I put out only enough of each color for 1 number. After we did this the first time I decided that it would be even better to put all the same color links together so that we don’t have to sort them out each time we wanted to use them. By the end of the week Ethan could recognize 1-4 and can put the links where they belong.
We have been using our Transportation Counters and making AABB patterns with them. Ethan doesn’t do to good with just a printed pattern sheet yet. And still needs lots of guidance.
 There are 2 different levels of difficulty on the transportation Geometric Shape sheets, I put a bunch of the shapes into a basket.
They were to big to fit on a tray, so I just stored them on the shelf like this. The older kids enjoy these and can do them independently, but Ethan still needs help  placing them without bumping all of the other pieces out of place.
We are still working with Number Rods 0-4 because Ethan sees all of those beautiful shiny Wooden Number Rods and he just cannot help himself from taking a handful, instead of 1 at a time. I’m almost thinking I may need to put it up and bring it back out later.
Arts and Crafts:
I put some foam transportation stamps on the shelves, along with some small squares of paper I cut up, and a glitter stamp pad. Yes the stamp pad is a little messy, because I bought blank stamp pads and Liquid Watercolor to fill them with and this was my first attempt at it. Note to self: liquid water color comes out very fast!!
Painting with hot wheels: We squirted paint on a paper plate and ran the cars and trucks through the paint, and then all over the paper. Serena did this with Ethan while I did History with the boys, so I didn’t get to many pictures of the activity.
Here is the finished work! I think it turned out really nice and colorful!
Stop Light Cookies: I found this idea HERE on the Totally Tots website, you just make peanut Butter Cookies, shape them into rectangles, spread some peanut butter in the middle, and use red, yellow, and green M&M’s for the light colors. We used regular and peanut M&M’s, very YUMMY and easy for little ones to help with!!
Just for fun:
I took out enough train tracks from our train set to make a small circle track. I filled a bowl with a bunch of the trains, and a basket with stop signs, stop lights, and train set cars etc. I have it set up on one of the tables for the the little boys to play with while we work.
A Montessori Train puzzle, this is set out on Gabe’s shelf.
A Melissa and Doug transportation sound puzzle. All the boys loves this puzzle because, it make the noise of each vehicle, when you take out or put a piece in.
 The kids all love stickers, so I found these reusable sticker books I thought would be perfect. I found them at Dover Publications, I used a coupon and waited for a sale, and got a great deal on them!
I did realize after I took the picture, that even though Ethan can get regular stickers off the sheets quite easily, he couldn’t get the stickers off the sheets the books come with. So I just pulled them all out and store them in a small container on the shelf with the books.
 I originally planned on putting the kid’s car mat out the whole time we were on our transportation theme, after having it out for 1 day, I decided we will just take it out once a week. The mat is very nice, but it has pieces that come out so you can stand them up for a 3-d mat, but Ethan and Gabe continously take the pieces apart, and it’s a lot of work to put it all back together.
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  1. Thank you all for your comments and kind words, they are very much appreciated!

    Amanda, I so glad I could help you remember things you wanted to do with your little ones, I know a lot of my inspiration comes from things I find on other blogs!

    Debbie, the stoplight cookies were tasty and so easy to make I’m sure we will make them again. The pom pom and ice cube tray is such a nice activity, you can use chop sticks (real or learning), tweezers, tongs, or just fingers, which means everyone has something challenging from 1 activity.

    Andthatsfamily, The boys did have a lot of fun! I found the car mat at Discount School Supply it is called City Rug, also if you google search Discount School Supply Coupon Codes, they always have some coupon you can use for 10-25% off your order.


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